Steven | Lethbridge Film Noir Portraits

I was pretty excited when Steven came to me with the idea he had for photos to send to his family overseas – he wanted to do an old style, film noir shoot. I love my job! I had recently picked up some new lighting equipment and this was the perfect time to really put it to the test. Steven was an exceptional model, despite his claims that he didn’t know what to do and felt silly. I guess it makes a difference when you put a suit on someone!

We started out at Twilight for some photos of Steven and his classic Jag, which he got for a steal of a deal from the last owner who didn’t want it.

At first I was disappointed to find this “streetlight” not turned on, but I magically made it light up thanks to my voice-activated lightstand, Cam :)

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  1. Sandra Dancoisne says:

    These are great!