City of Lethbridge Spring Photos

This is the second installment of photos for the City of Lethbridge, featuring my favorite season, spring! (You can see the first post, winter, back here.)

Last year we had a beautiful spring with warm weather and tons of blossoms, so taking photos was a breeze! Though we had a number of cloudy days, there were enough blue skies to offset them.

I felt like spring really arrived once the birds came back.

You can see more of the bird photos in this post from last year.

They wanted to add a feature on their new website to show off the animals up for adoption at the city-run shelter. I got to go out and photograph some of the dogs and cats they were having the most trouble getting rid of, and thanks to a few feature photos, they were adopted within days!

This young dog kept barking in the other’s ear, while the other patiently listened.

This was Jackson – I loved him! Such expressive eyes!

The cats were tricky to photograph because we obviously couldn’t take them into the outdoor dog pen and had to stay in the little visitation room. They were so happy to have human contact that it was hard to pry them off of our legs!

I’ve posted this before, but it’s still one of my favorite images from last year.

The foal has a little jacket! Aw! Actually, it’s the wild mane that slays me here… :)

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