Greg & Jessica | A Lethbridge Wedding

What an awesome start to the wedding season! Greg and Jessica got married on a blustery but otherwise beautiful afternoon (hey, it’s Lethbridge, we expect that!) with their family and friends there to support them. Everyone was so full of joy and so fun to photograph. Greg and Jessica are so sweet together, and as soon as they saw each other you could see any stress instantly melt away.

Everything they picked out for their big day was gorgeous, and even later in the night when people get tired, everyone was full of energy and still having a great time.

Congratulations, Greg and Jessica!

Off to the races! The trumpet outside at the horse track sounded as soon as Jessica began to give her vows.

Jessica assisted Greg in finishing his a little faster :)

The event coordinator had everyone come out to the winner’s circle.

The trumpet player played the wedding march as everyone headed back inside.

Here is their slideshow:

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  1. Annetta says:

    Nice job, Tanya.