Kim & Danyel | A Lethbridge Wedding

Kim and Danyel had a beautiful Canada Day wedding that I was so happy to be a part of. They are such a nice, laid back couple and very easy on the eyes! I really appreciate the trust they put in me throughout the day to just do my thing :)

Every part of the day ran flawlessly so we had tons of time for photos, yay! We stuck to the west side to keep away from all of the celebrating crowds and ended up with such gorgeous, intimate settings.

Congratulations, Kim and Danyel!

The signing pens were made by Kim’s brother.

They were such a punctual couple that they were ready 10 minutes before the ceremony. Danyel kept peeking in to see if they could start yet.

Danyel’s grandmother whispered something into Kim’s ear then laughed with a mischievous look; I wish I could have heard ;)

Danyel’s brother was overwhelmed by the wedding :)

Kim took a bite of cake before feeding any to Danyel :)

Here is their slideshow:

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