Dan & Heather | A Lethbridge Wedding

My last big wedding of the year was Dan and Heather’s celebration with all of their family and friends (some even coming from Europe!). Their ceremony was held in the beautiful St. Basil’s Church, and we followed up with photos before their reception at the Coast Hotel. The reception was tons of fun, and it’s rare to see that many people constantly dancing!

Dan and Heather are such wonderful, down to earth people and were so easy to work with again. They are absolutely joyous together in everything from their smiles and laughter to their body language. Their bridal party clearly shared in their happiness and made it such a warm, loving day :)

Congratulations, Dan and Heather!

She made it down the aisle, but it took a lot of encouragement!

Heather didn’t notice that Dan wasn’t standing by her, and made her brother very uncomfortable when she tried to grab his hand!

For a while she was more interested in looking at the pictures than she was in being in the pictures :)

He has style. He’s excellent at rocking the gangster look.

Brothers need to do this sort of thing… | Dan is so tall, even jumping wasn’t enough to even out their heights!

They brought along some sparkling cider and the cork didn’t quite pop like Dan expected… compare his line of sight to where the cork is in the photo :)

The guys surprised Heather with a dance attack…

Remember what I said earlier about the gangster thing? ;)

Here is their slideshow.

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