Irene, Jed, and the fur babies | Lethbridge Couple and Dog Photography

Irene and Jed wanted to get some family photos done while their beloved senior dog was still with them. We met up on a very blustery day, which just made the dogs look like supermodels with billowing hair :) Moufassa and Finnegan were such beautiful dogs and I had so much fun with them! They had such contrasting personalities; the senior Moufie was so laid back but wanted to check out everything, while Finnegan has energy like he’s a few years younger but was totally fine chilling out with us. Irene and Jed with their fur babies make such a cute family :)

It is so sad that Moufie is no longer with us, but I am grateful I had the opportunity to capture his spirit in photographs so that they can always have the memories to look back on. He was very clearly an amazing dog and will be greatly missed :(

Finnegan and Moufie had very different speeds at which they got around :)

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