Cute Lethbridge Casa Children Session [Stefan]

Cute Lethbridge CASA Children Session

The last time I saw Stefan, he couldn’t run away on his own yet… now he’s soooo much bigger and has just celebrated his 2nd birthday! It was a little too chilly and windy for him outside on our first try so instead we went to the beautiful new(ish) Casa arts building here in Lethbridge for his cute children’s session.

For a two year old, Stefan is soooo well behaved. We still had to move quickly to keep his interest, but he was on his best behavior and actually stayed put (briefly!) where we put him. He pretends to be shy but then drops super flirty smiles, at least when I make fart noises :)

This was the first of many silly faces! He’s so awesome at hamming it up for the camera.
Adorable kids photos in Lethbridge, tongue sticking out

The first is his favorite photo face! It’s probably my favorite face he makes, but we took a nice smiling one for good measure too!
Fun Lethbridge wedding photography and portraits

We did the photos just before Christmas so we were able to make use of Casa’s gorgeous Christmas tree. It looked so cute with his sweater!
Cute Christmas session with Lethbridge boy

Stefan has such a great laugh!
Lethbridge CASA indoor portrait session

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