Happy grandparent & grandchildren portraits in Lethbridge [Mayte & George]

Happy grandparent & grandchildren portraits in Lethbridge

Mayte and I see each other all the time for photos. She is a regular foster mom for the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society so I often get to have fun puppy play dates with her. Even though I’ve spent lots of time doing photos with Mayte for all of the puppies she fosters, this was the very first time her and her family got to be the subjects! We did their joyful, happy grandparent and grandchildren portraits in Lethbridge early in the winter in the not-yet-snowy Indian Battle Park.

Mayte, her husband George, and their dog Tango met me for photos on their own to start off their session. They managed to get some romantic cuddle time in even with Tango running around like crazy. Once we were finished with the photos of the couple and their pup, we were then joined by their four adorable grandchildren. They were so much fun to work with and I think Tango loved his adventure because he managed to find some pretty big sticks in the river bottom!

photo of grandparents sitting with dog in Lethbridge coulees

Cute dog photo sitting at High Level Bridge in Lethbridge
Tango had a few calm moments where we were able to bribe him to hold still for his portraits.

Cute dog photo licking nose at High Level Bridge in Lethbridge
Tango had such a laid back nose lick!

Happy grandparents laughing in Lethbridge
They are so cute!

Portrait of grandparents holding hands

Lethbridge dog standing in coulee grass

Lethbridge portrait grandparents standing with grandchildren
Time for everyone!

Photo of grandchildren hugging in Lethbridge
These kids are great! They didn’t need any coercing to get all close and cuddly.

Fun Lethbridge Wedding Photography and portraits
Such a cute bunch! The neutral colors of the High Level Bridge were a great contrast against their bright clothing colors.

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