Tron Legacy Inspired Photos [Personal Project]

Tron Legacy Inspired Photos, girl with blue lights

I knew I’d be working with Hope for her modeling portfolio, but it wasn’t until I saw her awesome black vinyl bodysuit that I knew these were going to be some Tron Legacy inspired photos!

I’ve been wanting to do this photo shoot for a long time and had been flip flopping between being the photographer or being the model. The only problem was that I LOVE doing light painting, something a Tron photo shoot would definitely need, so I didn’t really want to give that up to someone else! (You know, the hour of patience it takes to do it through trial and error!) When Hope came into the picture with the most perfect wardrobe for it and perfect hair to pull off Gem’s style, my decision was made.

Lorelei Hoffarth
and I teamed up for these photos and the funny thing was that we both independently decided we wanted to do light painting with Hope, but it wasn’t until we discussed the idea further we realized we were on the same page! It was so fun seeing the differences in our photos starting with the same model, wardrobe, hair, makeup, and even basic lighting techniques… We ended up with SUCH different images, and even our light painting techniques were vastly different.

Our lovely and talented model was Hope Vande Beek, who did a great job holding reeeeeaaaally long poses while we ran around her with all sorts of crazy flashlights and blinded her with flashes in a nearly pitch black room. Makeup was provided by Cayley Blande at Colors Salon and hair was styled by Jenn Burton, who both did a wonderful job. Last but not least, thank you so much to Lorelei for opening up your studio for this fun concept shoot!

Tron disc photography, girl holding Tron disc

Tron Legacy Inspired Photos, girl holding Tron disc

Here’s a behind the scenes photo of Lorelei working with Hope at our second location, Casa.

Tron themed photography, behind the scenes in CASA

I took a few different poses of Hope against Casa’s mirrored wall. I didn’t include them in the final edits but still wanted to share a few since her hair and makeup looked so great!

Tron behind the scenes photo, blonde girl diptych

Tron Legacy photos Lethbridge, blonde girl holding Tron disc

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