Lethbridge University Family Photos [Erin & Jonathan]

Fun Lethbridge weddings and portrait photography

I’ve photographed Erin a few times now, mostly notably for her and Jonathan’s wedding quite a few years ago, and I was excited to finally meet all of their little ones for an update to their portraits! We went to the Lethbridge University for family photos since it was still a little chilly outside, and we had so many people pass us by proclaiming how cute everyone was. Some of the kids even took it upon themselves to play peekaboo or help adults down the stairs!

It was a little chaotic managing 4 under 4 but as a team we totally pulled it off! We did all kinds of rounding up and making crazy noises for attention ;) All of the kids have such adorable smiles and they wanted to play together so much that is was tough to get the individual photos of them (without fail, one of the others would photobomb the shot!). There were even a few times a photo was interrupted for a hug; how much more cute can they get??

Indoor Lethbridge childrens photography
The girls’ matching dresses were so cute! I love that even though they use the same fabric, they are all unique from each other.

Lethbridge university family photos
They may be growing up together, but all four of them have such distinct personalities.

Outdoor Lethbridge university family photos
It was finally warm enough out to spend a little bit of time outside, so we headed over to the trees for some nature photos. If you look carefully, you’ll notice one of the girls has turned into a flamingo in this photo :)

Lethbridge university family photos
The pine cones were an awesome way to bribe all the kids into more photos ;)

Lethbridge university kids photos

Lethbridge university family photos

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