Waterton Spring Engagement Photos [Hillary & Kevin]

Waterton spring engagement photos

Hillary and Kevin traveled down to meet me in Waterton for some spring engagement photos and we had a glorious mix of both spring and winter! The snowfall the day before still stuck in the town despite the temperatures climbing back up, so we were able to have winter wonderland type photos with gorgeous sunshine, blue skies, and enough heat to make coats unnecessary. I even got a little sunburned! With it being off season, we had most of the town to ourselves and luckily didn’t have to worry about scaling too many large snow banks.

These two are so fantastic together. Hillary and Kevin both took turns instigating who was the goofy one (and thus making the other laugh hysterically). I am sure they have no shortage of happiness when they are near each other.

Waterton snowy engagement photos
We started out at the currently boarded up Prince of Wales Hotel.

Waterton snowy engagement photos

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Hillary and Kevin were just so happy it was a warm day! ;)

Waterton snowy engagement photos
The road leading up to the Prince of Wales looked like a beautiful winter scene, even though the snow was rapidly melting everywhere else.

Waterton winter engagement photos
I don’t often go to Waterton in the winter, so it was neat to see the lakes mostly frozen; it totally changed the scenes!

Waterton snowy engagement photos
Kevin had Hillary’s engagement ring custom designed.

Waterton snowy engagement photos
I think this one is a good choice for their invites :)

Waterton Lake spring engagement photos
Down on the beach, we made a new friend! He looked pretty similar to the mountain sheep that were roaming the town site that day.

Waterton snowy engagement photos

Waterton snowy engagement photos
Towards the end, we went for a bit of a hike by the stables. The skies were so huge and open up on the rocks.

Waterton snowy engagement photos

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