Cute pink Lethbridge Baby Session [Alivia]

Cute pink Lethbridge baby session

Shari and Garett welcomed their third beautiful baby girl into the world, Alivia! Her mom wanted a break from the other girls running around so we did Alivia’s photos at Lethbridge Casa instead of their home. Since Alivia is her sisters’ new “doll,” I’m sure she also appreciated the change of scenery! This cute baby session featured a TON of pink, which really brought out Alivia’s blue eyes.

Alivia may have been a little moody, but kept forgetting about that when it came time for peekaboo or smiling at her mom. She has such great big open mouthed laughs! Shari and Garett definitely make some cute babies.

Alivia already has such great laughs!
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Her older sister is quite the tomboy, so she must be preparing for the play fights they’ll be having soon.
Cute baby hand on pink

Such squishy cheeks! Alivia needed a break for her mom to bounce her around.
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Cute pink Lethbridge baby session

Cute pink Lethbridge baby session

She was so happy to look at Shari!
Candid Lethbridge baby photography

Indoor Lethbridge baby photo session

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