Early Spring Coulee Portraits [Jenae & Derrick]

Early spring coulee portraits with dogs

Jenae and Derrick brought along their gorgeous blonde dogs for some early spring coulee portraits this April in Indian Battle Park here in Lethbridge. It took two tries… our first scheduled day saw rain and we decided to postpone, so of course that meant the rain totally cleared up in time for when the photos would have been! It was all for the best though because we did early evening portraits instead and the light was absolutely beautiful. All of the golden colors of the sun and grass perfectly complimented Jenae’s long blonde hair and, of course, the fur of their golden retrievers!

Derrick and Jenae are so sweet together and are a really laid back couple. You can tell it’s not just in front of the camera because their dogs Ayisha and Nala also radiate this calmness. It was so easy taking their photos! :)

Lethbridge spring coulee portraits with dogs

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Lethbridge spring coulee portraits with dogs

Lethbridge golden retrievers in River Bottom
A rare photo of Nala and Ayisha holding still for a moment :)

Lethbridge golden retriever in coulees
I love Ayisha’s speckled white paws, and the way she sat down was just perfect to show them off.

Lethbridge dog in Indian Battle Park
She was really quite the model!

Lethbridge golden retriever by bridge
Nala, on the other hand, took a little more coercion and mostly wanted to cuddle rather than take photos (which often involved pointing her bum to me). Finally, we got the perfect photo of her smiling at the camera!

Early spring coulee portraits with dogs

Lethbridge spring coulee portraits with dogs
For the photo on the left, I was zoomed in on Derrick and Jenae while the dogs ran free, but I kept noticing an ear popping into the frame. I recomposed the image and the dogs posed perfectly for the shot!

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