Teen Girl Portraits in Taber [Tayler]

teen girl portraits in Taber

I’ve known Tayler for a little over a year from dance and always thought she was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Now that I have visited her family and witnessed their love of animals, I see I was right! I was able to photograph the beautiful Tayler this autumn for her yearly photos and we spent all our time playing with their horses, dogs, and many rescued cats, all of whom loyally followed us around looking for love and attention.

Her family has a beautiful acreage near Taber full of awesome old trucks, large trees, and plenty of room for the animals to play. Tayler was such a natural in front of the camera that I was able to keep throwing cats at her and still keep a good pace ;)

We started out with Tayler’s two horses who were on their best behavior together.
Taber teen girl and horses portraits

Taber teen girl and pets portraits

teen girl portraits in Taber

Kona is Tayler’s baby… she even bottle fed him as a kitten!
Taber teen girl and pets portraits

As I mentioned, the family is big into rescue so we had lots of kitties come and say hello! The one on the left is apparently scared of anyone but immediately demanded I pet her and rolled around like this in excitement.
Taber cat photos

Their old trucks were fantastic for photos.
teen girl portraits in Taber

teen girl portraits in Taber

On their property was a large dead tree that they brought in just as a decoration and I loved it! It added so much depth to the photos.
Taber teen girl farm portraits

I was pretty excited that they had a trampoline :)
Taber teen girl and pets portraits

Kona had to check out what was going on here with the dogs…
Taber teen girl and pets portraits

Cooing sounds worked like magic ;)
Taber teen girl and dogs portraits

Tayler’s mom held off on raking away the leaves until after our session and I’m so glad she waited.
Taber teen girl autumn photos

All three pups stood watch while we worked outside the fence. I love how equally spaced they put themselves!
Taber dog pet portraits

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