Family Christmas Pet Photos [Taylore & Kelly]

family Christmas pet photos

Taylore, Kelly, Maid Marian the cat, and Bjork the Icelandic Sheepdog (perfect name, right?) were due for their family Christmas pet photos and rather than trying to wrangle the dog and cat themselves, I got to help them out this year! They are a cute little family and the animals were awesome sports in wearing their Christmas sweaters, even if it took a bit of wrestling to make it happen.

Bjork and Marian have such different personalities; Bjork is outgoing and exceptionally friendly to everyone, and Maid Marian is cautious and worried, but the two of them are still the best of friends. I was told Bjork is more of a favorite than the humans are!

Lethbridge cat in Christmas sweater

She got a paw free from her sweater and didn’t quite know what to do after that!
cute Lethbridge Christmas pet photography

Lethbridge dog in Christmas sweater

family Christmas card pet photos

family Christmas pet photos

The fur babies are adorable together.
family Christmas card pet photos

Taylore and Kelly are pretty cute together too ;)
Lethbridge couples photography

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