Casa Generation Photo Session [Tammy & Family]

CASA generation photo session

For a special gift to her mother, Tammy set up a multi-generation photo session with her daughter, brand new granddaughter, and sister at Lethbridge’s Casa building. Little Freya was so giggly when her aunty did silly dances behind me and with all of my silly sounds, we definitely made fools of ourselves! ;)

These four ladies are so beautiful and I loved watching their family interactions. I also love how well coordinated they were and their colors worked so well with the decor in Casa!

CASA generation family photo session

CASA baby photo session

After a bit of a meltdown, Freya needed a snuggle session from mom.
Lethbridge baby photo session

She got snuggles from everyone!
CASA generation photo session

Lethbridge generation family photo session

CASA generation photo session

CASA family generation photo session

More silly dancing to get the job done! ;)
Lethbridge family photo session

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