Lethbridge Women’s Boudoir Session [Rachel]

Lethbridge women's boudoir session

I love doing women’s boudoir sessions and it was a pleasure to work with Rachel in Lethbridge for hers. I loved that her outfit choices weren’t super revealing but were extremely sexy anyhow, especially the black lace body suit! It was perfect for drawing attention to her gorgeous long legs.

Rachel’s bedroom made a perfect backdrop for photos and her large windows cast her in beautiful, soft, flattering light, really making her eyes pop! (I also want to point out the amazing job she did on her own makeup!)

Thank you for trusting me with these, Rachel!

Note: With the personal nature of boudoir photography, you do not need to worry about your images being shared online if you want to keep them private. Rachel gave special permission for her photos to be shared :)

Lethbridge women's bedroom boudoir session

Lethbridge women's bedroom boudoir session

Lethbridge women's boudoir session

Lethbridge women's boudoir photography

Lethbridge women's boudoir photos

Lethbridge boudoir session

Those legs!
Lethbridge bedroom boudoir session

We made sure no neighbors were outside then did the photos quickly ;)
Lethbridge women's boudoir session

We finished off with some silly and cheerful photos in her Hello Kitty tank top!
Lethbridge women's bedroom boudoir session

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