Riverstone Couples Photos [Darlene & Bob]

Riverstone Couples Photos

Bob and Darlene dated back in high school but things didn’t work out between the two of them. After going their separate ways in life, they eventually reunited and realized they were meant to be together after all! :) I love stories like this!

While Bob was in Lethbridge visiting Darlene, they set aside some time for couples photos in Riverstone and Sunridge on the west side. It was so fun watching them together; they totally act like they are still sweethearts in high school. I love seeing people so in love with each other like this!

Lethbridge Couples Photos

Riverstone Couples Photography

Riverstone Couples Photos

Riverstone Couples Photos

Sunridge Couples Photos

Sunridge Couples Photography

Although Bob didn’t bring his bike down on his trip, he did bring his riding gear which made for an awesome wardrobe change!
Sunridge Couples Portraits

Lethbridge Couples portraits

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