Sexy Lethbridge Boudoir Photos [Paige]

sexy Lethbridge boudoir photos

Continuing February’s boudoir theme is Paige! I was so excited to finally work with her after meeting her at numerous photography collaborations in Lethbridge. Paige is absolutely gorgeous so it was easy to create some super sexy Lethbridge boudoir photos with her in her cute home.

Paige had such fun and flattering underwear to choose from, all of which was complemented by the rich colors in her house. I also appreciate that she had no qualms about climbing all over her furniture!

Note: With the personal nature of boudoir photography, you do not need to worry about your images being shared online if you want to keep them private. Paige gave special permission for her photos to be shared :)

sexy Lethbridge boudoir session

Lethbridge boudoir session at home

sexy Lethbridge boudoir session

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sexy Lethbridge boudoir session

Lethbridge casual boudoir photos

sexy Lethbridge boudoir photos

intimate Lethbridge boudoir session

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