Baby Boy Lethbridge In-Home Session [Max]

baby boy Lethbridge in-home session

Just a few days shy of his first month birthday, I got to meet little Max for an adorable baby boy Lethbridge in-home session. First time parents Chris and Kelly were radiating happiness over their newborn boy and I couldn’t get over how much love was in the room. Max wasn’t so sure about having his photo taken (apparently he takes after his dad!) but with enough patience, milk, and swinging the baby, we were able to trick him into cooperating for the full session! ;)

newborn Lethbridge home session

Max started out super sleepy, as long as someone was cuddling him.
baby boy Lethbridge home session

baby boy Lethbridge home session

Soon he figured out that we were up to something and made sure to keep a careful watch!
newborn Lethbridge in-home session

baby boy Lethbridge indoor session

baby boy Lethbridge house session

newborn Lethbridge home session

baby boy Lethbridge home session

Lethbridge family newborn indoor session

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