Beautiful Lethbridge Violin Portraits [Julianna]

Lethbridge violin portraits

It comes as no surprise with my passion for music that I love photographing musicians with their instruments! Julianna was prepping for her graduation recital and needed some photos with her violin, so we headed down to the river bottom in Lethbridge to capture some violin portraits. Her mom was also pretty excited to get some new photos of her daughter! ;)

Julianna was so photogenic (look at that smile!) and chose great outfits to fit with the golden early spring colors in Indian Battle Park. The subdued colors really accented the richness of the violin’s wood!

I appreciated that Julianna was willing to hike with me through the mud to get down to the river. It took a little bit of scraping the bottom of her shoes once we got down there but it was worth it… It was such a beautiful sunny day and wonderful to see blue sky behind the high level bridge!
Lethbridge Indian Battle Park violin portraits

Lethbridge violin portraits

She chose such a perfect dress to give a few photos a “bohemian” feel :)
Lethbridge Indian Battle Park violin photos

Lethbridge violin player photoshoot

Lethbridge river bottom musician portraits

The wind started to pick up near the end of our session, giving Julianna some awesome hair action :)
Lethbridge violin player photos

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