Captain America Themed Newborn Photos [Oliver]

Captain America themed newborn photos in Lethbridge

Oliver has arrived! Kallie and Wallie have the best comic book store connections for super hero merchandise and chose to go with Captain America themed newborn photos for Oliver’s first session. Not only were his clothes and toys on theme, but their d├ęcor and own clothing choices were perfect compliments!

Oliver is really chill and laid back so far. Other than an occasional eye peering at us, he slept through most of the session and was pretty pleased about his naked time. I love seeing how excited his mom and dad are about him!

This blanket was cross stitched by Kallie’s grandfather many years ago and was given as a gift from her mom.
Captain America themed newborn session in Lethbridge

This is one of the blankets used to bring Kallie and her brother home from the hospital when they were babies. It’s great she kept so many of these heirlooms!
Lethbridge newborn blanket photos

Tehya is proving to be an awesome big sister so far! She’s been really easy going about Oliver’s arrival and acting like it’s life as normal :)
Captain America themed newborn photos in Lethbridge

They even have this fantastic Captain America rug!
Captain America themed newborn photos in Lethbridge

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I love that they found him a “Till the end of the line” onesie, and the knit Steve and Bucky dolls are so adorable!
Captain America themed newborn photos in Lethbridge

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Lethbridge newborn home photography session

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Phew, that modelling was hard work!
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Kallie and I had been working on a top secret project since early summer since we had to start before she publicly announced her pregnancy. She wanted to capture her growing tummy without doing the standard profile snapshot at home so we came up with this collage idea, nicely rounded off with the addition of Oliver at the end :)
Lethbridge maternity session growing baby bump series

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