Lethbridge Children’s Sister Portraits [Kennedy & Kaia]

Lethbridge children's sister portraits

Kennedy and Kaia’s mom surprised their dad with children’s sister portraits of the girls for his Christmas present. While he was briefly out of town, the girls and their faithful dogs visited me at the University of Lethbridge lake. Kaia is still a little too young to understand the concept of secrets so we had a backup story of me being a friend practising photos to avoid any spoiling!

The last time I photographed the family was before Kennedy could walk on her own so it was incredible to see how much they have grown! Even the dogs, Jake and Digger, are much more white than they were last time, though they still have the full energy of golden retrievers. We made sure to focus on their senior dog Digger who is getting quite up there in years so they can have some beautiful photos of him.

Lethbridge children's sister portraits

Lethbridge children's sister portraits

Kaia had such great model poses on command!
Lethbridge children's sister portraits

Lethbridge dog photography

Lethbridge dog photos

Lethbridge children's sister portraits

Lethbridge pet photography

Lethbridge senior dog portraits

These dogs sure know how to pose!
Lethbridge outdoor dog photos at lake

Lethbridge winter pet photos

He looked so silly with the leaf on his nose!
Lethbridge childrens sister photos

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