Natural Crowsnest Pass Newborn Photography [Cruz]

Natural Crowsnest Pass newborn photography, baby in basket looking with big blue eyes

Cruz is baby #1 for his mom and dad and is being totally spoiled with lots of love and cuddles! I went to visit them in the Crowsnest Pass for Cruz’s very first baby photos and he was quite the little model. At only one month old, he can already hold his head up and seemed to know how to stare directly at the camera with his big blue eyes. His parents have such great senses of humor and even though he’s soooo little, I’m sure it’s already rubbing off on him!

This session was one of Cruz’s very first baby gifts (before he even arrived!) and I am so glad their friend introduced us through photos.

Happy family posing with newborn baby in Crowsnest Pass
Their house had lots of great plain walls so we had lots of clean backgrounds for the photos. Every room had really great light and gave the photos a nice soft, natural feel.

Joyful mother cuddling baby
In between poses, everyone had a quick cuddle with Cruz.

Family holding baby in front of fun blue wall
Their blue wall was definitely my favorite!

Father cuddles baby in Crowsnest Pass
Cruz wasn’t sure why the clothes had to come off, but he was much happier as a result.

Happy father holds newborn baby in CNP
Surprisingly, neither mom nor dad were peed on during this!

Happy mother holds newborn baby in CNP
Even though he was usually great for looking right at me, Cruz sometimes found the ceiling much more interesting.

Timeless black and white photo of newborn holding father hand
I always love seeing the size difference between the hands :)

Timeless black and white photo of baby boy looking at camera
That head holding was all by himself. He’ll probably be crawling three months early!

Casual baby bundled in a basket
Soooo comfy!

Colorful photo of baby sitting in Crowsnest Pass
I think the fists were out as a sign he was just about done :)

And last but not least, Cruz already makes the perfect bachelor!
Fun newborn in robe posing on bed
We were in hysterics when we set him up for this photo. He oh-so-naturally leaned onto his arm and held it there on his own (with only a hand on the bum for support) and shot me that flirty glance. He is definitely going to be a lady’s man when he gets older!

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