Guest Post: The Bride, The Groom, And The Photographer – Your Wedding Needs All 3

The following is a guest post by Wendy Dessler. Enjoy!

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It takes a lot of people to make your wedding dreams a reality. Your wedding planner, gets all the details in order, and works with the dozens of vendors that prepare the venue, the flowers, the music, food, and the transportation.

The bride and bridesmaids are wearing beautiful dresses in the latest fashion. The Honeymoon plans have been made and now the moment is here to join your life partner forever.

Yes at that tender moment your photographer is focusing, waiting and capturing the perfect scene. She is with you when you exchange rings. She is near when you throw the bouquet, cut the cake, and cry at the father-daughter dance. Your photographer is freezing this moment in time for you. She is a very important part of your wedding. So it is a very good idea if the bride and groom share their dream with the photographer.

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Choosing a photographer

Wedding photography is a hard job. If anyone tells you it is easy they either never tried it, or they are not very good at it. For every photo that is taken, there are a half dozen scenarios running through the photographer’s head of what could go wrong. They have to get in your head and understand what means the most to you. They have to be able to work with you and you with them, to get those amazing shots.

It is important to take the time to sit down and get to know your photographer. You know your guests and she doesn’t. You know if your mother and grandmother are type-A personalities who are going to demand attention to the detail that they think is important with a shot. You know if there will be children there and if it an outdoor wedding, if those children will be running wild.

This is the type of information your photographer needs to know. A good photographer is like a movie director. She handles the people like a pro and manages to get them out of her way with charm and grace. In some families, a photographer that is very quiet and does not interact is wanted. There is nothing wrong with this, but it changes the photographs she will be able to take. It is important that you find the right photographer for you and your group.


You have just told your photographer that you want several outdoor shots of you and your groom. You want one or two of you on the swing, another of you crossing the bridge of a small pond. You also told her there will be at least 20 young children there, who will be playing in the area. She knows it takes seconds for a child to run into a shot, fall down and cry, (distracting everyone) and after an hour long ceremony they will have a lot of energy to burn.

Your photographer may suggest that you take those shots before the ceremony while you have the area to yourself and it is in perfect condition. With just a little communication, you have a solution that works for everyone. This is just one example. Communication is critical throughout the wedding for great results.

Allowing guests to order their own prints

The contract is between the bride and groom and the photographer. But one way to thank your photographer is to point more business her way. One way couples are doing that is by including the photographer on their Honeyfund Registry. Honeyfund is a site that allows couples to create wedding registries so guests can gift them with things they really need in lieu of traditional gifts.

Most Honeyfund accounts have a listing for the extra photographs the couple would like as a gift. Perhaps they would like a very large frameable print for their living room. However, you can also list packages the guests may like to order for themselves. The guests can contact the photographer and she gets more business and you save money because everyone is not asking you for copies of your photos. If you do not want to list this on your Honeyfund, you can add it to your wedding social media page.

Remember to work with your photographer. Build a trust with her and listen to her as she will listen to you. Do not let anyone try to step in and change the plans you have made for photographs. This is a situation where you can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. Stick with your plan and you will have the amazing wedding album you dream of.

by Wendy Dessler

Bio: Wendy is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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