Louis the Chihuahua’s 10th Birthday Bash in Lethbridge

Lethbridge dog birthday photos

How Chelsea created lasting memories for her favourite ‘partner in crime’

His brilliant butterscotch fur was perfectly pressed, his teeth bright and breath fresh. It was a special spring day for Louis the Chihuahua.

Louis’ owner, Chelsea wanted to make his 10th birthday something unique – something to remember.

“He’s been the perfect partner in crime!” Chelsea said of Louis. “We have been on SO many adventures. Recently, I purchased a small dog-friendly pet carrier so he can still be a part of all our favourite summer adventures. He especially likes canoe rides.”

So to make his big day memorable, Chelsea prepared a picnic, made a cake and planned a special walk through Aperture Park at the University of Lethbridge. To cap it all off, she wanted to document the special day with a personalized pet photography session, so she called me!

Lethbridge pet photos dog and human in raincoats

Rain, (hail) or shine, Louis’ birthday bash was bound to happen

Although Louie’s big day began with a downpour which morphed into hail, the skies cleared just in time to welcome the two old friends as they arrived at the park. With the sun shining, and the grass still wet from the rain/hail, the pair soldiered through, with me in tow. And, as an added bonus, their raincoats made for even cuter photo-ops!

Lethbridge dog birthday photos
Lethbridge pet dog photo session

Between trying to pee on every tree, Chelsea led Louie through the sunlit paths (his favourite pastime these days) towards a little clearing where she’d prepared a picnic and a special cake. While it took a little convincing (ie. sprinkling dog treats on the icing), Louis gobbled the cake up and then they both lazed in the golden light.

Lethbridge dog birthday photos with balloons

A decade, or more?

Now 10 years may not seem like such a feat for us humans, but 10 years old in dog years? That’s 56 years to a human! It’s no wonder Louis got such a big celebration – he’s basically more than half a century old!

“He’s damn near retirement now after 10 long busy years! He still has lots of zest left but really enjoys sunbathing and being lazy the most. Short leisurely walks are now more his thing,” Chelsea said.

Though he’s creeping toward retirement, he showed no signs of slowing down in Aperture Park, giving me plenty of action and attitude to work with!

Lethbridge action pet photos
So many zoomies!

A cherished Chihuahua

For Chelsea, the day was more than just a celebration – it was her way of creating memories that she can take with her on the next adventures to come.

“I chose to have photos of him for his birthday to add to his collection of precious photo-snapped memories that I will hold on to dearly forever!” Chelsea said.

Lethbridge dog birthday photos
Lethbridge dog birthday photos
Lethbridge dog birthday photos
Lethbridge dog birthday photos
Lethbridge dog birthday photos
Lethbridge dog birthday photos
“I am not sharing my cake with any of you!”
Lethbridge dog birthday photos

Surely, little Louie felt so special and cherished by his human mom, Chelsea! Now all that’s left to do is to plan his next big party! This little senior enjoyed the day, Chelsea made sure of it! He’d had his walk, his fill of cake, and released all his pee on every tree for the day. What a perfect birthday.

Lethbridge funny pet photography
Seriously, every tree!

Happy Birthday, Louie!

Lethbridge Pet Photography

I just loved how Louie the Chihuahua was full of quirky personality. The walk through the woods with Chelsea showed me how he had stolen her heart – he even tried to run off with mine a few times.

Lethbridge Chihuahua dog photos
Lethbridge pet photography

You can’t capture that kind of charm without some out-of-the-box thinking. If you’ve got a pet with too much charm to fit inside the average photo op, I’d love to work with you to show off all that personality with a personalized photo session!

Lethbridge dog birthday photos

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