Lethbridge Professional Wrestling Photos [Kenn Stevens]

Lethbridge professional wrestling photos

It’s not every day I get to take Lethbridge professional wrestling photos, but this summer I found myself capturing the promotional photos for local wrestler Kenn Stevens. (This is such new ground for me that I’m not even sure what category to put this under on my blog!) Lethbridge may not have a big wrestling scene, but Kenn is the now the third person I know who takes part in this amazing form of entertainment! I have a couple friends who retired from the sport some time again so I’m glad to see it alive and doing well in new wrestlers.

Lethbridge professional wrestling photography
men's portraits in Lethbridge
Lethbridge professional wrestling photos
Lethbridge pro wrestling photos

(I hope I don’t break his persona too much by saying this photo session was a gift from Kenn’s awesome dad who totally supports his pastime. However, I was hired because of my zombie photos, so that makes things a little more badass.)

Lethbridge professional wrestling photos

Kenn brought his wrestling character’s attitude with him. He was good with posing on pretty much anything and jumping anywhere because, as he pointed out, he often gets hit with things like chairs and that puts everything else into perspective. What’s a bit of standing on a concrete wall?

Lethbridge performance photography

Our photoshoot ended with some crazy drop kicks in Galt Gardens while everyone pretended not to see us. This art of becoming more invisible the crazier you act is just like when I take zombie photos, so Kenn’s dad really knew what he was doing with booking me!

Lethbridge sports action photography

p.s. Are you now like, “What? Lethbridge has professional wrestling shows? I need me some tickets!” or “I also want to get hit with chairs!” you can find out more through Pure Powering Wrestling.

Lethbridge professional wrestling photos

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