Celebrating High School Graduation like a Hollywood Starlet [Torrince]

Lethbridge high school graduation

Torrince enjoys the company of her family, some close friends and the limelight at her Lethbridge graduation celebration

Torrince’s hair was swept up with tiny jewels sparkling inside it. Her makeup was smooth, her eyes smokey, and when I asked her to strike a pose, she moved with ease – like she’d been doing it her whole life! Like a young, Hollywood starlet, Torrince was a natural in front of the camera, and as her parents (dad, Quentin and step-mom, April) proudly looked on, it was all they could do to keep from tearing up throughout their daughter’s high school graduation portrait session – which did happen once or twice :).

Lethbridge senior portraits
high school portraits

Setting the scene at The University of Lethbridge

Torrince’s grad celebration party was held in the University of Lethbridge – which was lucky for us because the weather that day was less than ideal. Though the clouds were swirling and the sky was dark and brooding, nothing could dampen Torrince’s spirits.

Lethbridge graduation photos
Lethbridge high school grad

More than once, she stepped out to brave the blustery Lethbridge winds so we could get some beautiful outside shots. And, because the university is so architecturally gorgeous with its bright open spaces and rocky, contrasting textures, we weren’t short on some great indoor backdrops for Torrince to pose in front of when the wind did inevitably pick up to ‘hair-do-destroying’ levels! (Though Kismet Hair Studio did an amazing job of making that ‘do secure!)

dramatic grad portraits in Lethbridge

Despite the tempestuous weather, we all had a blast at this high school grad shoot. Quentin and April kept saying that Torrince looked like the Game of Thrones character, Daenerys! Like Torrince’s personal paparazzi, they ooed and awed and playfully teased their daughter, causing some big laughs from all of us!

dramatic grad portraits in Lethbridge
Lethbridge high school grad
Lethbridge high school grad

Sharing in some tender family moments

As I was taking photos, I noticed that Torrince had some beautiful tattoos, and when I asked her about them, she said they were all connected to her family. Her bird tattoo matched that of her birth mom and sisters’, and a set of double hearts mirrored her step-mother, April’s.

Lethbridge high school grad

“Her favourite stepmom” April said with a laugh.

Torrince also had a small crown tattoo to represent her ‘princess status’ because Quentin had a king crown tattoo, while April had a queen crown tattoo. Very fitting for this ‘royal family’ with Torrince as their very own ‘Dragon Queen!’ :)

Lethbridge high school grad

It was so touching to see that Torrince had so many meaningful tattoos – that at such a young age, she was honouring her whole extended family through them. Torrince said she was so happy to share in this special day with the people she loved – her family, and her closest friends.

Lethbridge high school grad
Lethbridge high school grad

Lethbridge High School Graduation

If you have a high school graduation fast approaching, it’s prime time to grab a good photographer who can document this big day. It’s my job to help make you and your loved ones feel as special as possible – to create your very own limelight for your day of celebration!

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