Lethbridge Great Dane Photos [Carlos & His Family]

Lethbridge Great Dane photos

As his days with his family draw shorter, Carlos was honoured with a special pet session. This beautiful Lethbridge Great Dane has set out to prove his vet wrong and has already made it years past what he was diagnosed! Not taking any chances, his extended family treated his human mom and dad to the gift of pet photos while he’s still full of vitality.

Lethbridge Great Dane photos

One of the most exciting parts of pet sessions for the animal is being allowed on all the furniture that’s normally off bounds! Carlos got to enjoy the sofa, the bed, and accent chairs, all of which he engulfed with very little room left over for his people.

Lethbridge pet photography
Lethbridge Great Dane photos

Carlos was such a gentleman when it came to posing! Once in place, he’d sit still and proper. He was only uncertain about the whole accent chair and disagreed with us that he’d fit in it!

Lethbridge pet photography
Lethbridge pet photography
Alberta Great Dane photos
indoor pet photography

To finish off his fun afternoon of snuggles, treats, and furniture access, Carlos got to go for a walk in the nearby park and watch a herd of deer. He easily would have blended in with them, both in colour and size!

Southern Alberta pet photos

The biggest danger of big dogs may be the dampness! Near the end of his pet session, Carlos couldn’t handle the anticipation of treats any longer and the drool started gushing!

Lethbridge Great Dane photos

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