Lethbridge Cat Session [Franklin and Audrey’s Birthday]

Lethbridge pet photography

To celebrate the shared first birthdays of kitties Audrey and Franklin, their human mom treated them to a Lethbridge cat session. Each cat got a special birthday outfit. Franklin looked dashing in his sparkly bowtie, while Audrey turned heads with her purple tutu.

The kitties were very excited to have me visit their birthday party, though Audrey quickly decided the camera was super scary (I was totally fine, it just wasn’t allowed to cover my face!). We had to use some trickery to get photos of her, while Franklin was much simpler to please. For him, a well placed toy led him anywhere we wanted!

indoor pet photography
Lethbridge cat session

Franklin was one satisfied kitty!

Lethbridge cat session
Lethbridge pet photography

Jumping for joy! Franklin had limitless energy when it came to his favourite toy.

Lethbridge pet action photos

Audrey looked pretty petite until she stretched out!

Lethbridge pet cat photography
Lethbridge pet photography

Franklin and Audrey did pretty good for their photos together, considering what siblings can be like, but otherwise perfectly reflected the chaos of raising multiple cats.

Lethbridge cat session

“Okay, let’s behave for just one for Mom!”

Lethbridge pet photography

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