An Explosion of World Dance Online Edition [Lethbridge Dance Show Poster Design]

Lethbridge dance show poster design

COVID is not getting in the way of Ammena Dance Company‘s annual show! Thanks to Zoom dance classes and the Yates Theatre pivoting to do live streams of shows, the dancers have been hard at work in their homes preparing the dances. As long as we’re allowed to get together for performances by March, the show will be live streamed to ticket holders. This means you don’t have to live in Lethbridge to see the show this year!

This year’s theme is a haunting, centring around the ghosts rumoured to reside at the theatre. I had two ideas for posters around our spooky show. The first was inspired by vampires and Rocky Horror Picture Show (“The Time Warp” appears in one of our dances). For the second, I wanted to take the ghost theme literally and create multiple exposures where our choreographer, Lise-Anne, was the ghost. Because I couldn’t decide, I just did both! (The second design can be seen after the “read more” page cut.)

In the 2021 show we have the return of a few favourites that were missing from last year, such as Bollywood, and new additions like lyrical!

Tickets for households can be purchased through the City of Lethbridge’s tickets website up until the show.

Lethbridge dance show poster design

We didn’t get a lot of outtake photos this year because it was so cold! A heavy fog rolled in the night before, which was awesome for our ghost theme but not so good for being outside in a shier bellydance costume. Lise-Anne hid in her car until I was set up at each location, then ran outside for us to rush through the poses. She said it was the fastest photoshoot she’s ever done!

Lethbridge dance show poster design

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