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Lethbridge Newborn Photography [Tahlia]

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

Lethbridge newborn photography

Tahlia’s parents waited a little longer to do her Lethbridge newborn photography, but she was still so tiny and sleepy! The sweet newborn felt so comfortable with her mom and dad that she snoozed through the beginning of her photos, then woke up and got really happy and excited… and then repeated the cycle :)

Her mom and dad are head over heels for her and Tahlia knows it!


Surrogate Newborn Photos [Oliver]

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

surrogate newborn photos in Lethbridge

This was such a special photography session to be a part of! Brian and Brian (yes, they have matching names!) wanted to grow their family and were matched with a surrogate here in Lethbridge, bringing them on quite an adventure from the southern US. When Oliver arrived a little earlier than planned, they had to drop everything and rearrange their flights to Canada. Oliver’s surrogate newborn photos included his birth mom, who I loved arranging in a few photos to show the most amazing gift she could have given.

Oliver’s first few weeks in Canada before travelling to his new home were very busy between photos and getting everything in order for the trip, so his dads will be happy to rest at home – even with late night feedings!


Indoor Newborn Baby Session [Blake]

Sunday, April 16th, 2023

indoor newborn baby session in Lethbridge

Just after Blake arrived home, I got to meet her for her indoor newborn baby session. She was so curious during her photoshoot that we got to see her big blue eyes in nearly every photo! Even though she was kind of upset with what we were asking of her, she is so happy around her mom and dad that there were no shortage of smiling photos in between any crying.


Backyard Fall Family Photos [Lynn & Ward]

Monday, April 10th, 2023

backyard fall family photos in Lethbridge

Why travel anywhere when you have a fun pop of colour at your own home? Lynn and Ward celebrated the arrival of their first grandchild Wesley with backyard fall family photos. Their yard came with a real statement piece with their red barn-style shed, which complemented the fall leaves on the ground.

Wesley was definitely the star of the show with everyone taking turns holding him for photos. I loved his little red vest – major Marty McFly vibes!


Lethbridge Newborn Baby Photos [Adaline]

Friday, February 24th, 2023

Lethbridge newborn baby photos

Baby Adaline arrived less than a month after her parents’ maternity session, and we wasted no time getting her booked in for her Lethbridge newborn baby photos. She was in such a great mood through her whole session, even smiling a lot of the time (which is quite a feat for a newborn!). She was just as happy being swaddled as she was in her mom and dad’s arms. Adaline definitely knows how much she is loved :)


Indoor Winter Baby Photos in Lethbridge [Maskeen]

Friday, February 17th, 2023

indoor winter baby photos in Lethbridge

Most people go for newborn photos of their babies, but babies get so fun when they can sit up on their own! Maskeen had just hit that age when his parents scheduled his indoor winter baby photos at their house.

Maskeen took a little while to warm up to having a stranger in his house but once he did, his big smiles that he’s known for came out! We cycled through all of his cute outfits before getting him toasty in his blue tracksuit and going for a quick visit to snowy Henderson Lake.