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Oh my pug! Izzie’s doggie session

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Izzie’s “mom” Amanda wanted to celebrate the pug’s second birthday by giving her a stylish photo session. Izzie is one of the most well behaved, attentive dogs I’ve ever come across, and she was so cute that I spent most of the session exclaiming, “Awww!” and had to frequently stop to give her a pet or a little cuddle :) (more…)

Mother/Daughter (and Doggie) Photos, Lethbridge

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Sara’s mom Michelle was in town visiting last weekend so Sara asked me to capture some long overdue mother/daughter photos of the two of them, along with Sara’s sweet little dog Goldie. These photos were a challenge for Sara, because she is normally on the other side of the camera! However, she’s totally photogenic (even though she doesn’t think so), so I think she needs to spend more time in front of the lens too :) These girls were so easy to get beaming smiles out of, and I was glad I picked such a colorful location for photos when they had picked such gorgeous rich colors for their clothes. (more…)

Jenni & Bosco

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Today I went to play in the coulees with Jenni and her yellow dog Bosco (and yay, no wind for once!). Even though Bosco is 4, he has all the energy of a puppy so I really had to chase him or act very quickly to get a lot of these photos! These two are such a cute “mom” and her baby :) (more…)

Brenda, Luke, and the Pugs

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Second shoot of the day! I’ve photographed Brenda before, but this time I got to meet her husband Luke and their “children” Leah and Oliver :) I had such a great time with this little family, and I was very impressed with Leah and Oliver’s photo attention, but then again, so were Luke and Brenda!

(I’d also like to add how much I love the new landscaping at the Sunridge marsh. These photos were all taken in a single location! I know the field will be lost to houses in no time, but right now that park is so diverse and wonderful.)


Jasmin & Edward… and their babies!

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I’ve worked with Jasmin before, but this time she was in the spotlight! We took advantage of what might be one of the last warm days of the year for some family photos with her, her husband Edward, and their four-legged children. I had a blast working with this sweet family :)

The Cowie Family

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

This last Sunday the rain stopped and the sky cleared up just in time for photos with the Cowies! In celebration of mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary, all of the “kids” got together for a special family session, and I had a great time shooting this awesome family!

Hands down, my favorite member of the family was Lola, who had a pink collar that perfectly matched her “mom’s” Converse shoes :)