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Kelsey & Jess | Lethbridge Maternity Photography

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Lethbridge maternity photos in at sunset, couple with dog

Kelsey and Jess were expecting their first baby this autumn and came into Lethbridge for the evening (with their fur baby Tin, of course!) to celebrate with some maternity photos. They are going to be such a cute family and I couldn’t wait to meet the little baby! We had such a beautiful night and for once it didn’t rain, so the setting sun was gorgeous. Tin was one of the most laid back, well behaved dogs I’ve ever worked with too… man, did they all make my job easy! :) (more…)

Doris | Helping Animals In Need

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Dog available for adoption in Lethbridge, Alberta through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Doris is such a cutie that she got adopted before I could even post this! Her paws are absolutely massive so she’s definitely going to grow up to be a big girl. She’s already so intelligent and knows a lot of commands for a puppy, and she has the most adorable head tilt when you talk to her. (more…)

Karla Kitten | Lethbridge Pet Photography

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Hairless cat, pet photography

I got to be roommates with an adorable Russian Peterbald cat for a day, what fun! Karla Kitten is gorgeous and spoiled rotten, and was so full of love for us (though I’ve been told this is lucky as she definitely chooses who she likes!). Something in my brain says hairless cats are a different animal altogether, but once you see them playing and climbing into cupboards, it’s pretty clear they are just normal cats with different haircuts :) (more…)

Squiggy | Helping Animals In Need

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Dog available for adoption in Lethbridge, Alberta through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

It’s puppy time again! Squiggy is one of the newest additions to AARCS’s adoptable list and he is such a sweet puppy! He’s still in his soft, fluffy stage, and with how cuddly he is, he is super hard to resist. If you sit down on the ground, he is instantly in your lap :) (more…)

Moortje & Raggedy Andy | Lethbridge Pet Photography

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Two cats in Lethbridge, pet photography

Moortje and Raggedy Andy’s mom was the proud recipient of the Puppy Love Pet Photography gift certificate in the Last Chance Cat Ranch silent auction this spring, and treated the pair to their very own photoshoot. Moortje may have hid under the couch for part of the time, but once we lured her out it was pretty easy to get some massive purring happening! Raggedy Andy, on the other hand, really hammed it up for the camera! They were both such sweet kitties and they are so lucky they have such a nice mom :) (more…)

Last Chance Cat Ranch Kittens! | Lethbridge Pet Photography

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Cat available for adoption in Lethbridge, Alberta at the Last Chance Cat Ranch

There are so many cats in need of homes right now! After recently finishing up a huge batch of photos for The Last Chance Cat Ranch, I already had to return to get photos of all the adorable new kittens! There were also a few older cats who just recovered from severe medical issues, including one who almost lost her leg but is now completely healthy and happy! LCCR does such great work and I’m so happy we have them here. This is just a small sample of the new cats I photographed, and any one of them ready for adoption will be posted soon! (more…)