Smoky Waterton Family Photos [Joellen & Kurtis]

September 1st, 2022

smokey Waterton family photos

When Joellen and Kurtis planned to move from Alberta to Nova Scotia, they wanted to do something special to remember the area where they spent so many years raising their family. Their smoky Waterton family photos took place just before their big move while they were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. Luckily we could still see enough of the mountains through the smoky haze!

The family turned their photoshoot into an adventure by staying nearby overnight and then meeting me in the morning at the Prince of Wales Hotel. After some posed photos at the cliff behind the hotel, we went for a little hike around the beach below so the kids could play and let out their energy. Plus, we still had amazing views of the mountains!

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Lethbridge River Bottom Morning Session [Hemali & Vishal]

August 30th, 2022

Lethbridge river bottom morning session

The year before, Hemali and Vishal’s children didn’t enjoy their family photos too much. The kids didn’t like the way the grass felt and my funny sounds were a total flop, so our crying to smiling ratio was not great. The parents were brave and decided to try again last year with a Lethbridge river bottom morning session. Something magical happened – the kids had a blast!

This time around the kids loved exploring the nature reserve. All of the paths were so fun to run through, and that made everything so much more relaxed for the adults!

At the end of the session, Vishal said, “Photos were actually fun this year!” ;)

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West Lethbridge Coulee Family Photos [Andrea & Tylor]

August 28th, 2022

West Lethbridge coulee family photos

What better way to commemorate moving into your home than with a family photo in your new yard? While I was sad that Andrea and Tylor moved a little farther from me and are no longer my neighbours, they only went down the road a bit and now have a gorgeous home with the coulees practically in their backyard. Andrea got these West Lethbridge coulee family photos as a birthday gift from her family. We were a little overdue since the last session was a newborn one!

Their yard was already beautifully landscaped with flowers when they got the house so it was a beautiful location. After photos there, we went on an adventure to the edge of the coulees where there is a perfect vantage point of the high level bridge. The girls had so much fun running around there and especially had fun driving their dad crazy ;)

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Nikka Yuko Extended Family Photos [Leslie & Joe]

August 25th, 2022

Nikka Yuko extended family photos

Leslie’s birthday present from her family last year was the gift of having everyone together and doing a photoshoot! The whole family loves the look of our local Japanese gardens, so we went with Nikka Yuko extended family photos for this session.

Joe and Leslie’s family has so much fun together, which is not surprising when both of their sons are complete jokesters and they have grandkids who are into theatre. Each set of kids did lots of hilarious dancing behind me to make the other family groups smile, while Leslie and Joe beamed just from being surrounded by their family!

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University of Lethbridge Anniversary Photoshoot [Elaine & Kris]

August 23rd, 2022

University of Lethbridge anniversary photoshoot

Elaine and Kris celebrated 20 years of marriage with a University of Lethbridge anniversary photoshoot. They first met in the science labs at the university so they included that in the theme of the photos with lab coats and goggles! Kris got us special access to the Science Commons building at the U of L so we could make use of the periodic table display to go with the science/lab theme.

We did some non-science photos as well since such an important wedding anniversary shouldn’t be all wrapped in a theme! The campus has so many great spots so we made use of the gathering areas in the building as well as checking out the coulees.

Congratulations on this special anniversary, Elaine and Kris! :)

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Payne Lake Summer Wedding [Prescilla & Dane]

August 18th, 2022

Prescilla & Dane, Payne Lake summer wedding

Prescilla and Dane planned their entire Payne Lake summer wedding so that they could enjoy the beautiful views outside of Waterton Park all day. They rented a property along the lake so that they could have everything in one place! After getting ready at the house, they had their ceremony at the lakeside with a tented outdoor reception right next to it. It’s so beautiful there that we didn’t even need to leave for photos in another location!

Their son Levi played an important part in the day, standing in the wedding party with Dane. We made sure he was included in a bunch of their portraits, and I only made him hold his mom’s hand a couple times! They are already established as a family, and this wedding was just to officially celebrate that.

The entire day was full of laughter and many failed attempts to keep things PG. Their dogs partied harder than all of the other guests combined and were passed out before the reception even started.

Congratulations, Prescilla and Dane!

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