July 21st, 2009

In honor of the last wedding I shot with Michael, where he tried to buy balloons for the photos and the Lethbridge wind absolutely crushed that idea, I made another attempt at balloons in photos and this time it (sort of) worked! (Sure, balloons are the new “colorful old chair on the road” prop for photos, but I had to try them at least once!) Ayako was beautiful and easy to work with and I had a great time shooting her. It’s awesome that she found me, since we were in the last Lethbridge College fashion show together, but didn’t know each other at the time (a true indication of how small Lethbridge is!).

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Street Wheelers Show & Shine

July 13th, 2009

I always enjoy going to the Street Wheelers weekend in Lethbridge. I love the old cars, especially everything pre-1960s, but with all the people at the park it’s hard to get good full shots of the vehicles. Instead, I focus on the details :)

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Desert Winds Bellydancers

July 6th, 2009

As part two of my Dragon Boat Festival photos, I bring to you the Desert Winds Bellydancers! This is a different troupe than I am in (I’m with Ammena Dance Company), so I don’t always have a chance to see them perform. They debuted this circus routine at our big dance show in March, so I was only able to watch it from the side stage. It was so fantastic to sit in the audience for once and soak it all in!

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July 6th, 2009

I spent one of my few wedding-free Saturdays at the Dragon Boat festival at Henderson Lake, and was so impressed with the entertainment all day! I’m embarrassed to say this was only my first time seeing Hippodrome… they are fantastic!

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Zombie Pinups: Starsha

July 5th, 2009

It’s been a while, but here is my first zombie pinup of the year! Between the great locations, Starsha’s excellent modeling, and not having done one in a while, it was really hard to narrow these photos down!

Starsha has several pet cockroaches, and we made use of them for the last portion of the shoot. They are actually pretty laid back creepy crawlies, but when we would put them on her they would make a run for it. We ended up having to only use one so they didn’t get lost in the field (because that would just suck for EVERYONE), and I multiplied it afterward. If you are absolutely terrified of cockroaches, it is the last photo, so you are safe to scroll through the 16 that come before it.

When I first arranged this shoot with Starsha, Hope Litwin had recently done a little personal assignment, Project: Norma Jean, recreating Marilyn Monroe’s ballerina photo. I found out Starsha had an orange tu-tu, so Project: Zomba Jean was born…

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Wide Mouth Mason

June 24th, 2009

Earlier this month Wide Mouth Mason finally came back to Lethbridge. You may have forgotten about them, since they haven’t put out any new albums in a while… but they are still around, and working on a new one! I always love seeing this band live; all three members put so much soul into the music they make. Front man Shaun Verreault is both one of my favorite Canadian guitarists and overall favorite singers.

My group of friends and I thought we’d miss this show since it was billed as a “private show,” but luckily we found out it was open, and free. Sadly, there was hardly anyone there as a result, but we had a good time ;)

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