Casual Lethbridge Backyard Wedding [Rebecca & Chris]

August 7th, 2023

Becca & Chris, casual Lethbridge backyard wedding

This was such a special wedding for me to photograph! Rebecca and I used to work together at Sears ages ago and outside of work hours we’d go around the city modelling for each other’s photography (very MySpace worthy photoshoots). When her and Chris were planning their casual Lethbridge backyard wedding, she immediately thought of me. It was such an honour to be included in her wedding day after all these years!

Rebecca and Chris held both the wedding ceremony and reception in their own backyard with their closest family members in attendance. We didn’t want to take them away from their guests too long, so we kept portraits close by at Chinook Park in the Uplands. I loved being able to photograph Rebecca again and her and Chris are so sweet together.

Congratulations, Rebecca and Chris!

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Helen Schuler Nature Centre Rooftop Wedding [Sinéad & Fay]

August 4th, 2023

Sinead & Fay, Helen Schuler Nature Centre rooftop wedding

Fay and Sinéad had been friends since childhood, but developed a deeper connection as they became adults. Their relationship has remained one of love and continued deep friendship, which was clear in every moment they were glued to each other during the wedding day. Their day celebrated nature and centred around their Helen Schuler Nature Centre rooftop wedding.

Just before the ceremony, they had the sweetest first look in the nature park. Instead of crying, they were so excited! Sinéad could not hide their awe at seeing Fay while Fay excitedly twirled to show off the excellent spin from their dress.

Fay went with a celestial theme for their look, having a star crown and a custom made dress featuring embroidered gold stars and moons. Sinéad embraced sunflowers and had them feature on their shirt, belt, tie, shoes, and floral headpiece. The two love playing DnD and worked their love for that into their details as well! The Round Table was a perfect reception location to reflect their favourite interests.

No queer wedding is complete without a little bit of rainbow, so they worked that into their wedding party colours. Everyone wore variations of green for a nature-centric vibe and had flower crowns, each with a colour of the rainbow. Sinéad’s youngest siblings got to embrace the full rainbow colours in their roles as flower girl and ring bearer.

Congratulations, Sinéad and Fay!

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Summer Lifestyle Portraits in Lethbridge [Sital]

July 31st, 2023

summer lifestyle portraits in Lethbridge

When Sital’s dad was young, he did a bunch of photoshoots of himself in various styles just for fun. Sital wanted to recreate this fun idea after seeing her father’s old photos, and the first of these was a colourful summer-themed concept that we did last June. We’ve since done a few including her daughter, but this first photoshoot was all about Sital! :)

For her summer lifestyle portraits, Sital started with a mood board and we communicated back and forth while she was thrift store hunting to find the perfect outfits. Her mood board had lots of food based ideas, so we went with the more colourful restaurants in the city. It’s hard to beat Tacos Made in Mexico for those bright vibes!

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Chinook Lake Micro Wedding [Jensen & Devin]

July 29th, 2023

Jensen & Devin, Chinook Lake micro wedding

When Jensen and Devin approached me about their wedding, all they knew was that it was going to be small and that they wanted it in the Crowsnest Pass. After a few questions they decided a view of Crowsnest Mountain was essential, so I gave them a few location options and other than that they put their complete trust in me! They decided on a Chinook Lake micro wedding and followed all of my advice like the best time of day to have it.

Jensen and Devin fell in love while at work, so the inn where they stayed during shifts was a natural choice for where to get ready. They had an emotional first look there before heading to the lake. Once at the lake, they quickly threw together a guerrilla ceremony in the parking lot to take advantage of the best view of Crowsnest Mountain across the water. The sunset that night was absolutely magical and they topped things off by the girls jumping in the lake.

Congratulations, Jensen and Devin, and thank you for letting me “plan” your wedding!

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Summer Evening Family Photos in Lethbridge [Mary & Kim]

July 27th, 2023

summer evening family photos

Mary, Kim, and their family contribute so much to our city so I was truly honoured when they asked me to photograph them. You may know them as the “rainbow house” family but they do so much more than that to make Lethbridge an inclusive and healthy city. I met with them and their children (including bonus child to be) for their summer evening family photos in Indian Battle Park.

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Castle Mountain Boho Wedding [Chantelle & Josh]

July 25th, 2023

Chantelle & Josh, Castle Mountain Boho Wedding

Chantelle and Josh went with bold colours and rustic details for their Castle Mountain boho wedding. Chantelle’s gorgeous dress was custom made and it is a miracle she was able to get it in time… you may have heard something in the news related to that business! (She managed to pick it up only a week before the bankruptcy shutdown. So lucky!) Castle Mountain Resort was the perfect backdrop for their wedding to reflect their connection to the mountains.

The couple places so much importance on family and made sure they were an integral party of the day keeping all of their parents close during getting ready and having all of their siblings in the wedding party. A great comment during the toasts was that the perfect match for a man with only brothers was a woman with only sisters. ;)

Congratulations, Chantelle and Josh!

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