Lethbridge Indoor Winter Family Session [Gord & Kathy]

February 17th, 2022

Lethbridge indoor winter family session

With some careful schedule planning, Gord and Kathy were able to get all three of their kid’s families to celebrate Christmas together, and squeeze in a Lethbridge indoor winter family session at the same time. All of their grandchildren are getting quite big so they were definitely overdue for some photos together!

This set of cousins has such a great time together and spent every moment they could between photos playing with each other and their grandparents (the parents were a little forgotten about). To keep up the fun, the session ended with a flossing dance off (mostly between the adults).

p.s. A huuuuuge thank you to Vicky at Honkers Pub for letting us use The Nest Event Space when it was below -20C and everything else was closed for Christmas.

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Pavan Park Warm Winter Photos [Braxton, Heather & Bradly]

February 10th, 2022

golden hour family photos in Lethbridge

Heather’s family had a very non-wintery set of Christmas photos for two years in a row now! We were able to make use of a rare windless day for their Pavan Park warm winter photos. Braxton had just as much fun as last year, especially since I got him to do all kinds of action shots! He even insisted on wearing sneakers to the session in case I made him run (which I totally did). That kid knows what’s up!

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Late Autumn Extended Family Photos [Shirley & Richard]

February 3rd, 2022

late autumn extended family photos

It was such a great year for families finally being able to get together, and that meant many opportunities to photograph multiple generations. Shirley and Richard managed to get a whopping FOUR generations together for their late autumn extended family photos in Lethbridge’s river bottom.

We had such a perfect golden hour while the weather was still warm at the end of fall. It gave the little kids a perfect opportunity to run around on adventures between photos, and give their dads chasing them some exercise.

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Drumheller Bridal Prep Photography [Nika & Her Bridesmaids]

January 27th, 2022

Drumheller bridal prep photography

Nika and Amir had to change their wedding plans a few times to get exactly what they wanted despite COVID restrictions, and finally settled on Alberta’s badlands as the perfect spot! I got to meet Nika during her Drumheller bridal prep photography, and she picked such a beautiful space for it. They had booked an Airbnb so they and their entire wedding party would have enough room to get ready together.

We settled in the master bathroom for the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Nika’s maid of honour was extraordinary in her role and even did Nika’s hair and makeup!

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An Explosion of World Dance and Music, 2022 Lethbridge Show!

January 23rd, 2022

Ammena Dance Company fantasy storybook themed dance poster

This year’s theme for Ammena Dance Company’s annual show is “The Ammena Chronicles,” a fantasy & magical based theme that ties all of the styles of dance together.

Lise-Anne was originally inspired by a nature photo I had taken on a hike earlier in 2021, and after we tossed around a few ideas about it and that adding her into the scene would look too pasted in, she changed her mind and loved the idea of a magical open book. She expected herself not to be on the poster this time around, but after we froze so much for last year’s poster photos and weren’t able to have a show, I didn’t want those photos to go to waste! As soon as she showed me the open book idea, I pictured a dancer coming out of the magical swirls, and a few of her poses from last year were perfect for it!

Fingers crossed we are back to the stage this year!

Henderson Lake Winter Mini Session [Mandy & Chris]

January 20th, 2022

Henderson Lake winter mini session

It was so great to see Mandy and Chris again at their Henderson Lake winter mini session! I hadn’t seen them since their wedding and they’ve since added to their family. The older boys really had their work cut out for them with wrangling their little brother, and we soon found a magical stick that convinced him to take photos.

We were lucky this year that their Christmas family photo actually got to have snow in it!

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