McKillop United Church Wedding [MJ & Dan]

September 22nd, 2022

MJ & Dan, McKillop United Church wedding

MJ and Dan decided to get all the big things out of the way at once by having their McKillop United Church wedding at the same time they are doing a massive garage renovation! You’d never know they had so much on their plate by how happy and laid back they were throughout the wedding day. They even had the added stress of their initial ceremony location falling through, but they rolled with the situation and McKillop United wonderfully came to the rescue at the last minute.

The couple chose a classic wedding look with a monochromatic colour scheme. MJ loves bling and choose the perfect dress and shoes to show that off! We had lots of time for photos so we were able to visit both Henderson Lake and the coulees before returning to their reception at the Coast. Dan is a car guy so it was an added bonus they had extra time to cruise around in their limo!

Congratulations, MJ & Dan!

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Nikka Yuko Autumn Couples Photos [Charleen & Chris]

September 20th, 2022

Nikka Yuko autumn couples photos

I absolutely love doing Nikka Yuko autumn couples photos, so I was excited when Charleen and Chris wanted it as their photo location. Every few years they update their photos and I always look forward to seeing them again. This year we closed out the garden’s season with this photo session. We were the very last photoshoot on closing day! The colours that were left were absolutely gorgeous. It didn’t even matter that many had already blown away in the wind.

Chris and Charleen remain every bit as obviously in love year after year. Getting Charleen to stand on tiptoes for a kiss made her giggle and we joked that she didn’t need to bring shoes to their session with how often I had her go barefoot.

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Indian Battle Park Autumn Extended Family Photos [Jen & Tim]

September 17th, 2022

Indian Battle Park autumn extended family photos

Jen and Tim got all of their adult kids and grandchildren together for three generations of extended family photos. We hit the perfect date in autumn where the first batch of leaves in Indian Battle Park had turned orange, which doesn’t last for very long! They brought along the family dog Cooper, and their son and his partner even brought along their adventure cat!

Most of the session turned into an hour of playing for their two grandkids who were doted on by everyone there :)

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Pavan Park Late Summer Family Photos [Sarah & Mark]

September 15th, 2022

Pavan Park late summer family photos

It gets a little harder getting your kids together for photos once they start becoming adults and moving away, so it’s an extra special occasion when everyone can actually get together! Sarah and Mark had all of their boys together and took the opportunity to do Pavan Park late summer family photos.

The brotherly relationships quickly started to show once they were teasing each other behind the camera during their individual photos and we started interacting with our surroundings more. All it took was a good race to get everyone out of their shells!

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Backyard Extended Family Photoshoot in Lethbridge [Heather and Wayne]

September 13th, 2022

backyard extended family photoshoot in Lethbridge

Heather and Wayne had a very belated birthday celebration (due to COVID changing plans) but everyone was finally able to visit! Their daughters gifted them photos with the whole crew to celebrate, and they chose to make it a backyard extended family photoshoot. When you have a yard as beautiful as Heather and Wayne’s, you should absolutely use it as your photo session location!

This group was so fun. It wasn’t just the cousins that had a blast, but the adults were so energetic and joking together. You can tell this family always has a great time when they are with each other!

You may recognize them as the awesome family behind Brio Salon & Spa, so it was no surprise everyone had their hair done perfectly ;)

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Pavan Park Extended Family Photos [Marion & Darrell]

September 10th, 2022

Pavan Park extended family photos

Photos are such a great gift to give and I do so many family sessions like this one from gift certificates! Marion and Darrell were gifted photos by their children for Christmas and got everyone together over the summer for their Pavan Park extended family photos. We had such a gorgeous morning in the Lethbridge river bottom for our session.

As happy as Marion and Darrell were to have their family all in one place, no one was as excited as the kids! They loved this reunion with their cousins and we had lots of fun opportunities to climb trees and have races (minus the baby, of course!).

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