Pavan Park Late Summer Family Photos [Sarah & Mark]

September 15th, 2022

Pavan Park late summer family photos

It gets a little harder getting your kids together for photos once they start becoming adults and moving away, so it’s an extra special occasion when everyone can actually get together! Sarah and Mark had all of their boys together and took the opportunity to do Pavan Park late summer family photos.

The brotherly relationships quickly started to show once they were teasing each other behind the camera during their individual photos and we started interacting with our surroundings more. All it took was a good race to get everyone out of their shells!

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Backyard Extended Family Photoshoot in Lethbridge [Heather and Wayne]

September 13th, 2022

backyard extended family photoshoot in Lethbridge

Heather and Wayne had a very belated birthday celebration (due to COVID changing plans) but everyone was finally able to visit! Their daughters gifted them photos with the whole crew to celebrate, and they chose to make it a backyard extended family photoshoot. When you have a yard as beautiful as Heather and Wayne’s, you should absolutely use it as your photo session location!

This group was so fun. It wasn’t just the cousins that had a blast, but the adults were so energetic and joking together. You can tell this family always has a great time when they are with each other!

You may recognize them as the awesome family behind Brio Salon & Spa, so it was no surprise everyone had their hair done perfectly ;)

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Pavan Park Extended Family Photos [Marion & Darrell]

September 10th, 2022

Pavan Park extended family photos

Photos are such a great gift to give and I do so many family sessions like this one from gift certificates! Marion and Darrell were gifted photos by their children for Christmas and got everyone together over the summer for their Pavan Park extended family photos. We had such a gorgeous morning in the Lethbridge river bottom for our session.

As happy as Marion and Darrell were to have their family all in one place, no one was as excited as the kids! They loved this reunion with their cousins and we had lots of fun opportunities to climb trees and have races (minus the baby, of course!).

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Wedding & Family Anthology Albums [Vanessa & Robert]

September 8th, 2022

wedding & family anthology albums designed in Lethbridge

Vanessa and Robert started their family’s album anthology with matching album designs of their wedding, maternity, and first family photos. It’s a significant first heirloom for their family and was so much fun to create a cohesive set! This was my first time designing a set of matching wedding and family anthology albums. Usually the design process takes place at different times between the milestones and certain features get discontinued from companies. Being able to do this these all at once meant matching everything right down to the leather choices and layout themes!

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Galt Museum Ceremony and Reception [Ashley & Stefan]

September 6th, 2022

Ashley & Stefan, Galt Museum ceremony and reception

Ashley and Stefan’s wedding may have set a new record for the amount of people crying at a wedding. I love all that emotion! Their Galt Museum ceremony and reception took place at the end of summer, where they travelled back to their hometown area of Lethbridge to be closer to family. This also meant access to gorgeous classic cars, and a stylized rental home for getting ready in!

It was such a pleasure to work with this family again. Although it was my first time meeting Ashley’s family, it was obvious why they are such a good fit with Stefan’s. Both families are so kind and welcoming, and also ready to break out into side splitting laughter. While listening to stories from early in Ashley and Stefan’s relationship, it was clear the couple prioritizes each other and knew what a perfect match they were right from the beginning. (Plus bonus points that they met how Cam and I met!)

Congratulations, Ashley and Stefan!

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Nicholas Sheran Family Engagement Photos [Kelsey & Aaron]

September 3rd, 2022

Nicholas Sheran family engagement photos

When Kelsey and Aaron got engaged, they wanted to celebrate with family as soon as possible! The couple from Ontario booked a trip to Alberta at the very end of summer to visit Kelsey’s father’s side of the family. They decided to celebrate their mini family reunion with a portrait session at Nicholas Sheran Lake in Lethbridge.

Kelsey was so excited to see her grandparents again! These photos were a big deal since her grandmother is usually behind the camera taking photos of the rest of the family. They finally got to get her in the photos!

We took the opportunity to spend half of the session on family photos and half on engagement photos of the couple. Kelsey loves being around water, so Nicholas Sheran was the perfect location for them.

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