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Casual Autumn Family Photos in Lethbridge [Shannon & George]

Monday, May 1st, 2023

casual autumn family photos in Lethbridge

Shannon and George celebrated their 50th anniversary with their children and took some time for casual autumn family photos. It was especially a big deal for their granddaughter Ainsley since her family doesn’t live in Lethbridge and seeing her grandparents is a special occasion! Her energy level kept everyone going through photos, and at the end the adults were glad to sit down when she hit the playground :)


River Bottom Multi-Generation Fall Photos [Elizabeth & Brian]

Monday, April 24th, 2023

Lethbridge river bottom multi-generation fall photos

I’ve known Elizabeth and Brian’s family for many years, but back then it was much smaller! Now that it has grown in size it was time for an update with river bottom multi-generation fall photos. They were cutely colour-coordinated with golden hues contrasting with soft blue, which really popped amongst all the yellow colours in Indian Battle park.

Their family is always so fun to be around and posing for photos was no exception. Even Tali had a blast through the whole session playing with her cousins and grandparents… normally kids her age are done right away!


Lethbridge Fall Photos With Grandparents [Charlie & Judy]

Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Lethbridge fall photos with grandparents

Judy and Charlie planned out this beautiful photo session with the help of their daughters. It was so great that the kids could have Lethbridge fall photos with their grandparents before any of them started graduating high school. The cousins had such a perfect close age range that they could be friends and drive each other crazy at the same time (though the crazy part was usually in the sibling pairs).

I was continually surprised how much colour I kept finding in the river bottom into the end of October that year! Judy had requested a log she liked in the river bottom, but since we couldn’t pinpoint where it was, I chose the most log-rich area in Indian Battle Park.


Lethbridge River Bottom Fall Photos [Heather & Dan]

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

Lethbridge river bottom fall photos

I love catching up with my wedding couples after their families grow! I got to meet Heather and Dan’s adorable boys for their Lethbridge river bottom fall photos. The brothers have such a blast together and were just as happy racing each other as they were cuddling in close for photo poses. Since the boys are a little older and could handle the walking, we started by the Helen Schuler Nature Centre and made our way south throughout the river bottom to hit all the best spots.


Taber Fall Family Photos [Darlene & Stuart]

Monday, February 13th, 2023

Taber fall family photos

Darlene and Stuart had all of their kids come home so they could update their wall portraits with all their new grandchildren for their Taber fall family photos. The morning was chilly but everyone came ready in long sleeves and coats just out of the frame (behind the camera I was dressed for winter!). The MD Park in Taber looked gorgeous that weekend and all of their grandkids were so cute together (especially when they held hands!).


Lethbridge Acreage Fall Photos [Deb & Larry]

Thursday, February 9th, 2023

Lethbridge acreage fall photos

You don’t need to go far for photos when you have this in your front yard! Larry and Deb made use of their classic pickup truck as a feature piece in their Lethbridge acreage fall photos. Both of their sons’ families came to visit for the family session and after a few bad weather reschedules, we ended up with a beautiful warm morning at the end of October!

Their acreage provided ample opportunities for posed and action photos, with lots of fun things for their grandsons to climb on (the best of which was obviously the trampoline where they could show off their acrobatic skills). These two cousins have such a great time together that I would have guessed they were brothers if I hadn’t been told!