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Lethbridge Food Photography [Mojo’s Craft Pub & Grill]

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Lethbridge food photography, Mojo's Craft Pub & Grill

Sometimes I have to try really hard not to drool on my photo subjects! I recently did some Lethbridge food photography for Mojo’s Craft Pub & Grill to capture their entire menu. Over one session we did every dish, including those from their ghost kitchen menu. I was able to quickly work through a few setting styles for each item so the restaurant could choose what worked best with their designs. I’m always impressed at how quickly the kitchen can get everything out!


Superstore Walk-In Clinic Grand Opening Event

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

Superstore Walk-In Clinic grand opening event

Lethbridge finally has a new much needed medical facility. The grand opening event and ribbon cutting for the Superstore Walk-In Clinic took place in June. A number of medical professionals attended, including local ones and those who travelled in, as well as significant individuals involved in the opening of the clinic. Alberta minister of health Jason Copping and head of pharmacy at Loblaw and president of Shoppers Drug Mart Jeff Leger spoke at the event.

The clinic is a pharmacist run walk-in clinic, the first of its kind offered in Alberta. Clinic manager and pharmacist Justin Jensen welcomed guests at the event and his excitement was (excuse the pun) contagious! Christine Hughes, interim dean at the U of A, was also in attendance as the university will be collaborating with the clinic and sending students there with the help of a grant they are receiving.

I took photos of the clinic space before guests arrived, candids of the crowd during mingling time, and then the official speeches and ribbon cutting that were broadcast on local media.


Pampered Chef Branding Photos in Lethbridge [Sarah aka Shoop]

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Pampered Chef branding photos in Lethbridge

It was so much fun working with Sarah for her Pampered Chef branding photos! She is so talented in the kitchen (especially with the help of the PC products she sells) and got to show off her skills during this photoshoot. She is very active with her online community so we thought up a wide range of photos that show her personality, what she sells, her talents, and more, giving her social media content that has lasted months.

Sarah’s bright, spacious kitchen was a natural choice for our photo location. While Sarah spends a lot of time sharing her Pampered Chef products online and at in-person parties, she spends even more time trying everything out in her own kitchen. Sarah is a fantastic cook and baker so it only made sense to focus her branding photos in the place where the magic happens.

Check out more of what Sarah does on her Facebook page: Pampered Chef with Sarah aka SHOOP.


Lethbridge Family Services 2021 Annual Report

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

Lethbridge Family Services 2021 Annual Report photos

One of the biggest projects I worked on last year was with Lethbridge Family Services for their 2020-2021 Annual Report. The report is presented each year in a magazine style with local stories to illustrate their past year. Over several photoshoots, I got to work with many of their staff members and clients (and even got to snuggle a baby Corgi). Their designer let us know what she needed for layouts, and we got to turn each idea into a reality! LFS does great work in the community and it was awesome to see that reflected in the people we photographed.


Lethbridge Carpet Cleaning Branding Photos [Dammy’s Branding Session]

Thursday, March 10th, 2022

Lethbridge carpet cleaning branding photos

When I described the type of house I wanted to use for Dammy’s Lethbridge carpet cleaning branding photos, she turned around and said that sounded like mine! She had recently cleaned my carpets (and did an amazing job), so I invited her back into my home to recreate the magic.

Dammy’s background in biochemistry makes her a magician in this industry. She started Lethbridge Carpet Cleaners as a partner business to her cleaning company, Dirt B Clean, and is fantastic at everything she does.

For this branding session we wanted to show the variety of high quality equipment Dammy uses, as well as the personality behind the business.


Law Office Headshots in Lethbridge [Hlady Rouleau Law Office]

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

law office headshots in Lethbridge

Hlady Rouleau Law Office needed to update their photos to refresh their website and wanted the professional feel of a library. We did their law office headshots using one of the lawyer’s individual offices as a backdrop. With just a little bit of rearranging (and hiding any personal photos and collectibles), the bookcase worked perfect.

This goes to show any space can work for photos. By the time myself, the lights, and the lawyers squished into the office, there was no room left for their web designer who was overseeing the photoshoot!