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Christian & Riley | Lethbridge Couples Photos

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Christian contacted me a little while ago to do photos of her and her boyfriend Riley with a “country theme,” which was super fun because I often try to make Lethbridge look more forested than it actually is and ignore what we have here!

Though they’ve only been serious for a year, they’ve known each other since middle school… aw! I can’t believe they were nervous about having photos taken; I mean, look at them! They just ooze cuteness. This blog post ended up being longer than my portrait ones normally are because I couldn’t narrow them down to just a few that I liked! :) (more…)

Joan & Erwin – A Baby on the Way | Lethbridge

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

It was so great to see Joan and Erwin again! They are also expecting their first baby just next month, and I’m so happy for them :) Their little girl is going to have a lot of other babies to play with because there have been a bunch of other little ones in the family recently, including some twins coming up! This is definitely going to be one cute baby; Joan and Erwin were just as adorable as I remember them :) (more…)

Amanda and Dean’s Lethbridge engagement session

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

I met with Amanda and Dean this week for their engagement photo session, and we had hoped for sun and no wind but didn’t get either of our wishes! Rather than rescheduling, we took shelter in the beautiful Coast Hotel and everything still turned out great. These two are a couple of hotties so it wasn’t very hard to make them look good, though Amanda had to hassle Dean a few times when his smile started to get forced ;) However, that always brought out her amazing big smile. :) (more…)

Darcy and Jordan, engaged in Lethbridge

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Darcy and Jordyn were in need of some engagement photos, and much to my delight Jordyn was willing to go to my “difficult” location I picked out. The two of them trekked with me through fences, thistle, and some questionable graffiti all for the art :) These two are super cute and were so easy to work with (and pretty easy to convince that their awkward feeling poses were actually making them look awesome).

We were all absolutely soaked by the end of the photography session as we got stuck in a sudden downpour, but I’m so glad they braved the looming clouds. Thanks for trusting in me, and sorry about the wet clothing :) (There is nothing quite like having to peel off items after a photo session!) (more…)

Kayli’s graduation, Bow Island

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Kayli graduated high school in Bow Island this weekend and I joined her for a few hours to take photos of her in her dress with her family and her boyfriend Taylor. And what a dress! I might be biased because my favorite color is purple, but it was pretty awesome :)

It was so fun to do photos in a brand new place and I always love doing photos in small towns because you can find some great old buildings with lots of character. Almost all of the photos were taken right downtown! Kayli also found a great old farm house for us to use, and I’m thrilled she was so dedicated to the art… we had to carefully step over a LOT of cow poop to do photos in there! She was so fun and laid back, making my ideas super easy to pull off. Aside from the mosquitoes (and Taylor and Kayli having to constantly slap them off each other), we had a beautiful day and the rain held back just long enough. (more…)

Desi and Chelsea, silly Christmas photos

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

I’ve been dying to post these photos, but since they were a surprise Christmas gift I had to wait till now. Desi and Chelsea came to me to do some cheesy Christmas photos, Sears style. Since I used to work there for a few years while I was in school, I knew just the poses they needed. This was the most fun I think I’ve ever had on a photo session! We could barely get through the session because we were all laughing so hard. Both of them hit up the thrift stores beforehand to get some tacky sweaters, and practiced the cheesiest smiles they could come up with for days before. I especially love that Desi parted his hair down the middle. (more…)