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Chinook Lake Micro Wedding [Jensen & Devin]

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

Jensen & Devin, Chinook Lake micro wedding

When Jensen and Devin approached me about their wedding, all they knew was that it was going to be small and that they wanted it in the Crowsnest Pass. After a few questions they decided a view of Crowsnest Mountain was essential, so I gave them a few location options and other than that they put their complete trust in me! They decided on a Chinook Lake micro wedding and followed all of my advice like the best time of day to have it.

Jensen and Devin fell in love while at work, so the inn where they stayed during shifts was a natural choice for where to get ready. They had an emotional first look there before heading to the lake. Once at the lake, they quickly threw together a guerrilla ceremony in the parking lot to take advantage of the best view of Crowsnest Mountain across the water. The sunset that night was absolutely magical and they topped things off by the girls jumping in the lake.

Congratulations, Jensen and Devin, and thank you for letting me “plan” your wedding!


Starcreek Falls Engagement Photos [Chantelle & Josh]

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

Starcreek Falls engagement photos

Chantelle and Josh chose a perfect golden evening for their Starcreek Falls engagement photos. The little bit of smoke haze that day gave the forest trail a magical glow and made everything feel so much more romantic! With their wedding taking place at Castle Mountain Resort, they wanted something closer to home for their engagement session. Starcreek has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the Crowsnest Pass and they were up for the adventure! The couple made it all the way to the falls in only their dress shoes. Who says you can’t hike in heels?


Crowsnest Pass Starcreek Engagement Photos [Meagan & Jesse]

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

Crowsnest Pass Starcreek engagement photos

Meagan and Jesse planned their wedding at Castle Mountain Resort but wanted to make use of the beautiful views where they live for their engagement session. They brought their dog Ellie along for their Crowsnest Pass Starcreek engagement photos and she had a great time… mostly because of the perfectly placed creek!

After taking photos along the hike to Starcreek Falls, we headed down the highway to a special view of Crowsnest Mountain the couple had gotten access to. Meagan and Jesse dressed perfectly for the country vibes of the second location. It was so awesome to finally photograph them after doing so many photos of all their cousins!


Crowsnest Pass Wild Flower Engagement Session [Emily & Ben]

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Crowsnest Pass wild flower engagement session

If you are planning a local wedding, your engagement photos are a great chance to go out on a photo adventure! Emily & Benjamin had a Crowsnest Pass wild flower engagement session in advance of their Lethbridge wedding to make use of our nearby mountain landscapes.

Emily and Ben loved the look of the field at the end of Willow Drive in Coleman, so we did all their photos there. Waterton may be known for its wild flower season, but the flowers in the Crowsnest Pass last spring were just as incredible! We got so lucky with the day we chose for their engagement session. It was just a coincidence we chose the best spot to see them. :)


AARCS 2023 Calendar Photos [Lula & Jarvis]

Thursday, December 1st, 2022

AARCS 2023 fundraiser calendar, Lula and Jarvis dog photography

This year I was asked to photograph Lula and Jarvis for the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) annual fundraiser calendar and much to our surprise, Lula made the cover of the calendar! Lula is the perfect poster child/puppy for a rescue success case, going from being found with a leash lacerated into her neck, to being the happiest dog with her forever family. Her fur brother Jarvis came from a similar background, making them such a perfect match to be together. Jarvis was honoured with his own special appearance in the calendar too, and this pair had fun getting lots of treats at their photoshoot.

Calendars can still be purchased through AARCS, so get one while you can for this great cause! Rescues are really struggling this year so any help makes a huge difference.

Learn a little more about Jarvis and Lula’s stories here.


Crowsnest Pass Autumn Family Photos [Charlie & His Family]

Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

Crowsnest Pass autumn family photos

There is way too much cute in this photoshoot! Charlie never stopped grinning during his Crowsnest Pass autumn family photos. He loved giving his dog Riley hugs, being swung around by his parents, and playing with his grandpa and grandma in the forest along the Miner’s Path in Coleman.

We hiked along the path towards the creek and bridge, finding Charlie lots of rocks and logs to climb on. His grandparents were so great for encouraging him along his adventures. It probably felt more like a one hour play time than a photoshoot to him!