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Geoff & Stefanie | Lethbridge Wedding Photography

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Geoff and Stefanie held a beautiful, small ceremony for themselves before heading out east to celebrate their new marriage with their full families. They picked literally the hottest day this year and by the end of photos we had all become unable to speak, but at least the photos were still amazing with how gorgeous the two of them are and thanks to them choosing Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden as their location.

After a post-photo cool down, they had their backyard ceremony with their ministers and two witnesses, and then celebrated with cake and iced tea. :)

Congratulations, Geoff and Stefanie! (more…)

Rose & Dainis | A Lethbridge Wedding

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Rose and Dainis came down from Calgary to have a low key wedding with their immediate family present. We met up in the coulees for some family photos and they were such a fun bunch. Rose and Dainis were so adorable and so patient sweating through the super hot weather we had to work with :) (more…)

Paul & Erika | A Lethbridge Wedding

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Paul and Erika picked a beautiful day to have their cute, intimate wedding (and they picked the BEST possible time of day to have their photos!). Only their parents and one of Erika’s friends were there to take part, and the couple surprised most of their family and friends with the news in the following days :)

They were amazing in front of the camera, which is funny because Paul did not enjoy having his photo taken one bit! Can you even tell? He joked through the whole thing and Erika egged him on just the right amount.

They also brought along their adorable dogs, the slender Olive and Fred the puppy, to take part in some of the photos. I love when people include their animals, and these ones were so well behaved!

After the photos, we went to Ric’s Grill where they had a private ceremony in the upstairs portion of the tower just as the sun was setting. Even though their event was small, it was very beautiful and I’m glad I was able to take part in it :) (more…)

Fun Waterton Wedding [Andrew & Amy]

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Fun Waterton Wedding

Two mountain weddings in a row, I’m in heaven! :) This one in particular was such a fun Waterton wedding.

I first met Amy when we both took New Media in university, but she was a year ahead of me so I never really got to know her. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, though, we were able to keep in touch later, and I was so excited when she chose me to photograph her wedding! Her and Andrew live very close to Waterton, so they decided that would be the perfect location to have their wedding. They kept it very small and intimate with only their parents, her grandmothers, and their “baby,” Beans the dog, in attendance at the ceremony; after we were done photos, they had a small reception in town for their extended family.

What a perfect wedding! We all met on the main road, then headed towards Red Rock Canyon where we pulled over and did a small hike to a field of wildflowers. From that spot, we were surrounded by mountains and couldn’t even see a peak of any of the roads. It was such a romantic location.

Amy was up for anything for photos, and was luckily able to talk Andrew into the same! We had no trouble keeping up with each other, and I was thrilled by all the things she was willing and wanted to do for photos :)
It’s hard to top a rock climbing, canoe rowing bride!

I was assisted by my buddy Sarah, who luckily happened to be back in town from Kamloops that day. (more…)