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Cassandra and Jax the Dog

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Cassandra is about to head out to the coast to attend dog training school, and since she needed a pal to bring along and learn with, she adopted Jax! He’s only a year old so he is exploding with energy, but even in her short time with him, he is already really starting to follow her cues; she is definitely going into the right program! He is so adorable, especially with the eye patch (too bad his little black mustache is fading). (more…)

Amber, Ian, and the Kids, Lethbridge Family Photos

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I did Amber and Ian’s wedding a few years ago, and now they have two little ones, Noah and Zoe, with them in their family! We met down in Indian Battle Park for their first family photos since Zoe was born, and though she wasn’t too pleased throughout the session, she had enough quiet moments that we could hide it. They are such a cute family! (more…)

Michel and Sara, a Lethbridge Wedding

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

This past Saturday Michel and Sara had a small intimate wedding with their immediate family and headed down to Indian Battle Park for a few hours of photos with everyone. This was the first time I got to meet their new baby girl Melina since taking their maternity photos, and I loved that they brought all their doggie babies along too (who behaved way better than at the last session!). Aside from the horrible mosquitoes, we had a gorgeous afternoon while we worked… we literally finished 20 minutes before the huge downpour though!

Everyone was so fun to work with, and there was so much cuteness… from Sara’s funky dress, to Melina huge open-mouthed grins, to Goldie snuggling everyone who held her… I ended up going “Awww!” a lot :)

Thank you for having me take part in your day, and sorry I didn’t bring a bottle of Off! (more…)

The Beth Monster, a body painting project

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

I have taken dreadfully long to post these! I wanted to give them proper attention, but constantly could never find enough time. Last spring, Beth shaved her head for a cancer fundraiser and wanted to do a few fun photo shoots while she was bald. We decided we needed to do body painting! Sarah volunteered her painting skills; normally she does face painting, so this was a bit of a stretch for her!

During Beth’s three hour makeup session, I freaked out a little at the pouring rain that wouldn’t stop, but luckily the last few drops fell as we drove to our location. I thought I found somewhere private enough, but for some reason everyone decided to go for nature walks in the rain that day, so we constantly either hid Beth in the vegetation, or paused to answer very curious questions from the people passing by.

As usual, Beth was an awesome model and her rock climbing skills really came in handy in her portrayal of what we decided was the “Beth Monster” (I would have fallen out of the trees if I tried to pose like her). Also, thank you to Sarah for the amazing painting job!

Model: Beth
Makeup Artist: Sarah Christensen

NSFW due to [painted] nipples (more…)

Michelle, Dion, and the kids – Lethbride family photos

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Michelle caught me just in time! Only an hour before I left for a Christmas vacation, I met up with her, her husband Dion, and their kids Steph and Derrick for a much anticipated family session. Both kids are grown up and have moved away, so getting them all together again for Christmas was a big deal for the family. They were so much fun and so easy to make laugh, and luckily the morning wasn’t as cold as some had been (though I did almost fall through snowbanks several times, so it’s a good thing I don’t weigh too much or I may have gotten lost in the snow!).

I hope you guys had a great Christmas together again! (more…)

Trevor and the family – Lethbridge fall photos

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Trevor, Jenn, Carter, and Spencer met me in the river bottom this past weekend for family photos with the very last of the autumn leaves. I did Spencer’s photos when he was brand new, years before I even worked with Trevor, and it was great to finally get to take their pictures again!

However, we started out with a problem; Spencer tripped before the first photo, got a little scrape on his hand, and was then extremely unhappy! We distracted him a bit in the beginning with a bandaid, but soon he realized what happened and there were no happy faces to be had. Trevor and Jenn seemed pretty convinced all hope was lost, but I worked my magic and I worked quick when he did smile, and you’d never know how huge of a fuss was going on behind the scenes! :) (more…)