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Goddess of the Woods [Personal Project with Thea]

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Goddess of the Woods, Lethbridge personal creative photo project

I was so happy to finally do this conceptual photoshoot after having the idea building up for it since last autumn! No one else could have been my goddess of the woods – or maybe she’s a fairy :) – but Thea and she totally rocked the role.

As usual, Katt perfectly captured the concept I had for makeup and did an amazing job!

Makeup & hair: Katt Panic Makeup Artistry
Model: Thea
Concept & wardrobe: Tanya
Assistant: Cameron


Galt Museum Portrait Photography [Nicole]

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Galt Museum portrait photography

I had a great time with Nicole for her portrait photography session at the Galt Museum. She is so friendly and sweet, and we had absolutely no trouble chatting through her whole session! Nicole wanted to give her family some updated photos of herself as a gift, and hopefully get them to forget about her big 90s hair she had the last time she did professional photos ;)

Nicole was a natural in front of the camera and had such a great giggly smile. It was a pleasure to work with you, Nicole!


Lethbridge Grad Photos [Yael]

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Fun Lethbridge weddings and portrait photography

Yael’s graduation came at a perfect time – the coulees were so lush and green for her Lethbridge grad photos! There wasn’t even a hint of rain that day :) Her and her family joined me down in Indian Battle Park for some photos to celebrate this momentous occasion. Yael looked absolutely stunning.

Her dress was a beautiful mix of flowing blush pink and sparkly white with super fun pink Converse shoes added for some extra personality. It was a perfect match for the season since all of the pink blossoms had just popped out on the trees the day before!

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Yael!


An Explosion of World Dance and Music, our 2015 Lethbridge show!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Ammena Dance Company’s “An Explosion of World Dance and Music” 2015 is coming soon! Tickets will be on sale on February 3rd at the Yates Memorial Centre in Lethbridge and this year we are doing two shows again: Friday March 6th and Saturday March 7th!

We have a lot of black and red costumes in the show this year, including our awesome broadway tango finale piece, so it was important to get those colors into the poster. Plus, after saying we wouldn’t have a lot of props to dance with this year, Ammena Talhami brought in all kinds of goodies for us! Candles will be a big part of the show, so we covered the floor with them (which were much easier to clean up than rose petals!).

Because the setup wasn’t as complicated as last year, we got to sneak in a few extra non-poster photos as well :)

This year’s show will feature bellydance, Bollywood, dancehall, burlesque, tango, broadway, and more, so please come check it out!

Model, Wardrobe: Ammena Talhami
Makeup and Hair: Ammena Talhami
Concept, photography, design: Tanya Plonka


Superhero [Lens Factor Project: Fantasy theme]

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Lens Factor Project, fantasy theme, Lethbridge superhero cosplay photos

As soon as I found out fantasy was a theme, my mind was full of superhero images rather than the traditional medieval concepts that are associated with the term. Originally I thought of putting Kayla in another theme but I’m glad I switched her around because she was so perfect as the heroine in this series. The timing was so tricky because we needed a bright blue twilight amidst a week of rain, but everything came together perfectly, including violent Lethbridge wind to assist with our cape. Kayla was amazing at holding still and resolute in the gusts that nearly knocked us all over on the overpass!

I got to recycle a few pieces of old dance costumes for this shoot; it pays to be a clothing hoarder, right? ;)

Model: Kayla Avison
Theme: Fantasy

This photo is part of the Lens Factor Photo Project in which 5 photographers were given teams of 5 models and given 5 themes to work with. The results were kept secret until all final images were revealed at once. I took a number of photos for each theme and my out-takes appear below!


Nightmare [Lens Factor Project: Horror theme]

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Lens Factor Project, horror theme, Lethbridge nightmare horror forest photos

It should come as no surprise that horror was the theme I was most excited for! Darcie was magically transformed by Katt Panic into a sleep-deprived, tortured soul haunted by her nightmares. I swear, she is beautiful and has colorful healthy skin in real life! Katt went so far as to make the teeth and hands grimey. I also model in this as the dead hands that keep attacking the girl and got the grungy makeup treatment myself.

I loved the look and spent so much time photographing Darcie on this creepy set after we finished the main concept image. She was amazing to work with but hopefully the next time she models for me, we can make her look a little nicer ;)

Model: Darcie Schick
Hands: Tanya Plonka (Miss Zee)
Makeup/hair: Katt Panic
Theme: Horror

This photo is part of the Lens Factor Photo Project in which 5 photographers were given teams of 5 models and given 5 themes to work with. The results were kept secret until all final images were revealed at once.