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Starsha’s Boudoir Session, Lethbridge

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

With Starsha’s help, I’m here to school you on my boudoir sessions! :)

Boudoir sessions are an empowering way to feel good about your body and about who you are. Embrace your beauty! These sessions are for women of any shape, size, or age.

Don’t worry about being shy. We start with more clothing until you get a little more comfortable, and most women feel natural (and even like a model!) ten minutes into the session. Starsha was specifically recruited for the blog, but boudoir sessions are ones I do not publicly post. For most women, they are a very personal thing – whether for a significant other or just for yourself! You get to view your photos in a password protected gallery that is only visible by people with whom you share it. The boudoir photos you see in my website gallery are all carefully selected so as to not be too personal or revealing, and then permission is sought from the subject. Nothing will be in public eye without you first giving the okay. If you are totally thrilled and brave, let me know and I’d love to post your photos for other people to see!

Where do we do them? In your own home! This is where you feel most comfortable, and I can get the most natural, relaxed look from you in this kind of environment. Besides that, your home usually totally reflects who you are and that’s something to be embraced. These bright yellow walls? These photos were all done in Starsha’s little bedroom – which is so amazing, bright, colorful, and happy :) (more…)

Amanda’s maternity session, Lethbridge

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Amanda’s second baby is on the way soon, and she wanted to do a stylish photo shoot to celebrate! We turned her house in a mini-photo studio and she picked out an amazing, flattering wardrobe to show off her tummy. I’m also proud of her for balancing in her high heels because that can be challenging enough when you aren’t packing a little person along with you :) (more…)

Andy and Shannon and a canoe, a Lethbridge family session

Monday, January 31st, 2011

I first met Andy in university, where we were both in the Fine Arts, back when he and Shannon were just getting married. They now have two healthy boys, the newest one of which was just added to the family a week earlier! We did some family photos before Finn decided we weren’t doing what he wanted (he is 2 years old, after all, and that’s just how things should be! :) ), so we shipped him out with his grandma and grandpa to focus on Hudson’s first photos.

Andy and Shannon have a gorgeous canoe that they dried off and brought into the house for photos. I have no idea how they fit it in, but I’m glad they did! Finn especially liked it when he came back for his photos, and I’m sure they had a hard time getting him out later in the day.

Congrats on your new addition to the family! (more…)

Sarah, a Lethbridge portrait session

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Sarah is a fiction author, and is getting published in 2012 so she needed a head shot for her picture in her book. How exciting! We did a full session at the Lethbridge Coast Hotel because she wanted a little something different than your typical author photo, and talk about an easy job for me! Look at how gorgeous she is, not to mention what a beaming smile she has.

Congrats on your accomplishment, Sarah! (more…)

Desi and Chelsea, silly Christmas photos

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

I’ve been dying to post these photos, but since they were a surprise Christmas gift I had to wait till now. Desi and Chelsea came to me to do some cheesy Christmas photos, Sears style. Since I used to work there for a few years while I was in school, I knew just the poses they needed. This was the most fun I think I’ve ever had on a photo session! We could barely get through the session because we were all laughing so hard. Both of them hit up the thrift stores beforehand to get some tacky sweaters, and practiced the cheesiest smiles they could come up with for days before. I especially love that Desi parted his hair down the middle. (more…)

Milo, Teyel, and Troy – Crowsnest Pass family photos

Monday, December 13th, 2010

My second session last weekend in the Crowsnest Pass was with Teyel, Troy, and their new little baby Milo. Milo was yet another sweetie; he’s a little too new to the world to smile a lot, but he’s so good natured and easy going already. Teyel and Troy’s house had all kinds of neat things in it, so it was a perfect spot for their first set of family photos! (more…)