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Norland Summer Wedding Portraits [Willene & Joel]

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Willene and Joel, Norland Summer Wedding Portraits

We’re so lucky to be able to photograph so many of these dreamy, romantic weddings this year! Willene and Joel wanted the majority of their photos to be Norland summer wedding portraits so we started off with a first look at the Bed and Breakfast. Willene loves the gazebo at The Norland so we hid Joel away in there to greet his soon to be wife. The way they immediately melted into each other’s arms was so beautiful! They could barely look away from each other all day and were so sweet to each other.

Willene and Joel were smart to start photos in the morning. They managed to skip some of the hottest hours of the day in the comfort of the air conditioned church, and returned to portraits a little later in the day once the sun was lower. The heat made getting ice cream at Henderson Lake and dipping their feet in the lake that much better!

Congratulations, Willene and Joel!


Norland Bed and Breakfast Wedding Album [Joshua & Christina]

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Joshua and Christina Lethbridge Norland Bed and Breakfast Wedding Album

I love big chunky albums like this! I could barely lift the box with this Norland Bed and Breakfast wedding album when the courier delivered it to me :) Christina and Josh had such a beautiful wedding at the Norland this summer and I loved going through the photos they selected as their favourites. The album beautifully covers the timeline of their day and all the happiness they experienced with their children, family, and friends.

This is an example of the Modern+ Album, one of the albums offered specially for weddings.


Norland Summer Wedding Photos [Joshua & Christina]

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Joshua and Christina, Norland Summer Wedding Photos

A lot of love and hard work went into creating Christina and Joshua’s wedding. Nearly every little detail was created by them or their friends and family! Most notably, their bouquets were all handmade; Christina’s aunt performed the ceremony; and Christina baked almost every item on the dessert table, with her bridesmaids filling out the rest such as their cake.

Their wedding day was so joyous. Everyone was constantly joking, laughing, and hugging. Christina and Joshua lit up every time they were together and totally melted into each other arms. It was so fantastic that their children could spend the entire day with them.

The rain held off just long enough for them to get the Norland summer wedding photos they had hoped for. When we finally had a moment to go outside for some evening photos, luck would have it that that’s when it decided to rain! Christina’s parasol fortunately doubled as an umbrella and they were awesome being willing to stand out in the rain for a few minutes to get those pictures.

At the end of the day they held their reception in the new ballroom at The Norland Bed and Breakfast. The entire room smelled like Christina’s homemade cookies :)

Congratulations, Joshua and Christina!


Norland Outdoor Wedding Ceremony [Henry & Shana]

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Henry and Shana, Norland Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Henry and Shana already share a deep commitment by having a family together but chose to put together a dream wedding to officially unite their families. Every part of their day was thought out in romantic details, from Shana’s elegant flowing dress to their Norland outdoor wedding ceremony to their decorations covered in subdued flowers and pearls. Despite the years they have already shared together, they still look at each other with such passion.

After the crazy heat the day before, it was a perfect day at The Norland with just a hint of shade to keep things cool. All of the children in attendance adored the location… we couldn’t pinpoint their locations for very long because they were having so much fun running around the trees and swinging from the hammock!

Since Henry and Shana first met while salsa dancing, it was fitting that they had Latin music playing at their wedding reception! DJ Tizio (the DJ behind all of the salsa nights in Lethbridge) was the obvious choice to keep their party going all night.

Congratulations, Henry and Shana!


Norland Autumn Wedding Photography [Ashlan & Bryce]

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Ashlan & Bryce, Norland autumn wedding photography

I was so excited when Ashlan and Bryce contacted me to photograph their Norland autumn wedding. The Norland Bed & Breakfast is one of my favorite wedding locations in Lethbridge and I had never done photos there in the fall until now! They planned a quiet, intimate wedding with only their immediate families in attendance and chose a Sunday for the most privacy at the estate.

Everything looked absolutely perfect for their wedding; Bryce had a classic suit, Ashlan’s dress was stunning and elegant, the autumn colors glowed in the afternoon sun. They are such a cute couple and I’m so happy to have been a part of their day.

Congratulations, Bryce & Ashlan!


Norland Early Summer Wedding [Jason & Aamee]

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Jason and Aamee, Lethbridge Norland early summer wedding

Aamee and Jason choose such a beautiful day to have their Norland early summer wedding, and (in my opinion) the most beautiful place in Lethbridge to do it!

The couple planned out their day perfectly with lots of time to get ready followed by casual portraits, and then a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that led right into their reception so their guests could go straight to the party.

At their reveal, they looked at each other with so much adoration and it didn’t fade at all throughout the day. They are so sweet together and radiate love! It was clear that their bridal party were such strong friends with them and they had so much fun together all day.

The Norland Bed and Breakfast looked especially lush from all the rain we’ve had this year and we had a perfect day with very few mosquitoes and no rain, just a nice cloud cover to keep everyone cool during photos. The sun came out just in time for their ceremony and added a beautiful glow all around them while they said “I do.”

Congratulations, Jason & Aamee!