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Orbital Flame, Lethbridge Fire Spinners

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

On Canada Day, just after my dance performance with Ammena Dance Company at Henderson Lake, I had a chance to check out Orbital Flame, Lethbridge’s fire spinning group. I’ve only ever watched the fire spinners do free styling on their Saturday night get togethers, so it was so fun to watch them with a routine choreographed to music! It’s too bad that they weren’t scheduled when it was a little darker out, but the lighting was still nice for seeing their personalities a little better :) (more…)

Maria in the Shower returns to Lethbridge

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Last month Maria in the Shower returned to Lethbridge for yet another amazing show. These guys are definitely one of my favorite bands to see live. Even though the bar wasn’t very full, by the second set they managed to get everyone to the front dancing. The band plays with so much passion and they do such a unique thing, I just can’t recommend them enough :) (more…)

DrupalCon Chicago, Part II

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Wednesday at DrupalCon was another full day of learning, and I attended extremely diverse classes from styling maps to talking about internet marketing. I had a few “ah ha!” moments, which are always a treat at these events. (more…)

Dr. Zoo play the TnG

Monday, February 14th, 2011

This past Friday, the recently reopened Tongue N Groove was host to an amazing band, Dr. Zoo. The members come from all parts of the world – everywhere from Lethbridge to the Sudan! Their music was an eclectic mix of African, Reggae, and Celtic, and it works suprisingly well together. The dance floor was full all night, and their were cries of sorrow when they were done playing. (more…)

An Explosion of World Dance and Music 2011, Lethbridge

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The time is once again upon us where dance is all I can think about and all my weekends are spent doing it! Ammena Dance Company’s “An Explosion of World Dance and Music” 2011 will be taking place on Saturday March 5th at the Yates Memorial Centre in Lethbridge. As usual we will have a very diverse show, this year throwing in a few new genres… I might be doing a robot-inspired bellydance, but you’ll have to come to the show to find out ;)

Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but will be available at the Yates Box Office soon.

The poster was so much fun to do! We have some cabaret influences this year, as well as fabulous masks for our big bellydance number, so I wanted to work that in. Jen did an amazing job on Ammena (she definitely had a Lady Gaga thing going on), though with those big eyelashes and bedazzled lips it was hard for her to do many facial expressions :)

Model, Wardrobe: Ammena Talhami
Makeup Artist and Hair: Jen Murray
Concept: Tanya

Please note: Due to my heavy involvement in this show as well as other obligations, I will be taking very limited sessions between now and April. If you would like to book a session in that time, please contact me at info @ for availability, or I can schedule you in for April. I am still able to meet up for any wedding consults during this time, so don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to find out more about wedding packages for 2011! (Dates for weddings are going fast, by the way!) (more…)

Disneyland for Christmas

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Each time I go to Disneyland, I intend to blog my favorite photos but never get around to it… well, no more! This time around it was a challenge to find photos of things I have never taken there before, and with a few new Christmas elements and special touches around the park (along with some inclement weather), the task was much easier than I expected! Even though it rained quite a bit, it was nice to get away from the snow for a week and have a break :) (more…)